IPE Student Attends UN Meeting

Nada Alasmi, who completed her MS in International Political Economy in May, recently attended the fifty-seventh session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women in New York City.

The conference, which focused on addressing ways in which governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can prevent and eliminate violence against women took place at United Nations Headquarters and featured thousands of participants from countries and NGOs around the world.

Alasmi first became interested in attending the event when she learned that Nazra, an Egyptian women's rights NGO, would be at the event. She thought it might be her only chance to visit with them without having to travel to Egypt, so she cleared her schedule to ensure that she could head to New York during the conference.

While at the conference, Alasmi met many individuals involved in women's rights throughout the world.

"The event was a perfect introduction to the world of women's NGO work, which is the field I hope to work in after graduation," she said.

Alasmi was also surprised at how easy it was for her to create the opportunity to attend the event. She said that merely taking the initiative went a long way toward allowing her to meet new people and discover new opportunities.

"[To students interested in similar events,] I would recommend targeting a UN Conference that relates to the field in which you would like to work,” she said. “After that, make sure to plan ahead, and when you get there attend as many sessions as you can. Don’t be shy to go up and talk to people you find interesting."