IPE Student Association

By Gavin Roy, EPPS Freshman

The International Political Economy Student Association (IPESA) is in its second semester of operation and is continuing to grow. The organization expects to create a more comprehensive network for IPE majors, providing them with the resources necessary for success in their field.

Being a small organization that’s still in development, the IPESA holds meetings every other Monday. These meetings take place in the Student Services Building, and topics include planning for events, resources for IPE students, and guest speakers. While this is very important information, President Nada Alasmi carries high expectations for the future of the group, so having productive meetings is very important to her. However, the meetings are never dull since Ms. Alasmi likes to keep things fun and casual. She encourages camaraderie and conversation amongst members, and always tries to have a fun activity that everyone can do as a group.

The IPESA has had two major events this year. The first was on October 20, when the organization volunteered at the World Health Fair, which took place at the Mexican Consulate in downtown Dallas. The event served as a way for the IPESA to expand its outreach and develop crucial connections. The second major event was an organization-sponsored event on October 31 entitled "The Economy & The Election." The event format was a forum with four distinguished professors at UT Dallas: Dr. Tom Brunell, Dr. Lloyd Dumas, Dr. Robert Lowry, and Dr. Clint Peinhardt. The event was a huge success. One of the professors on the panel even commented, "You all did an incredible job. Very well done and professional. I was impressed."

A third major event is planned for this semester. The IPESA will travel to the Canadian Consulate in downtown Dallas, along with Dr. Holmes and Dr. Peinhardt. The objective of the event is for the IPESA to further its outreach and networking capabilities.

There is much work to be done for the future of this organization. The IPESA is doing its best to provide important resources for IPE students, but the organization won't be able to succeed unless it gets more support from all of the IPE students at UT Dallas. Nonetheless, the future is promising. As more IPE majors continue to support the IPESA, Ms. Alasmi's long term goals of creating a comprehensive network for IPE majors will become a reality.

Pictured: IPESA President Nada Alasmi