ODE & IPESA to Co-host Alumni Event April 18

By Tanner Landry, EPPS Freshman

The UT Dallas chapter of Omicron Delta Epsilon (ODE), the international economics honor society, in partnership with the International Political Economy Student Association (IPESA), is co-hosting an alumni networking event on Thursday, April 18 designed to introduce students to the many opportunities available to economics and IPE majors. Alumni will take part in a panel discussion beginning at 5:30 pm in the TI Auditorium, and a reception will follow.

The upcoming alumni gathering is one of several events the UT Dallas chapter of ODE has hosted this year. The chapter began the semester with a mixer that introduced new students to the honor society. Members of the economics faculty gave brief introductions to their economic interests and research, and were available for informal discussion following their presentations. In addition, the chapter sponsored a lecture by Dr. Rodney Andrews, who directs the Texas Schools Project. Dr. Andrews explored the purpose of higher education from an economics framework and concluded that students go to college in order to invest in their futures and enable themselves to reach greater heights in their careers. The chapter ended the semester with a Christmas party that featured a presentation by Dr. Monica Deza, an assistant professor in economics who discussed her research into risky health behavior.

Created by a merger of Omicron Delta Gamma and Omicron Chi Epsilon in 1963, ODE has grown to be one of the world’s largest academic honor societies, with 672 chapters located around the world. As a society devoted to excellence in scholarship, ODE serves many purposes. It recognizes and honors academic achievement in the field of economics. Membership in ODE and awards sponsored by the society designate students as ambitious and outstanding achievers in the university. In addition, ODE fosters stronger bonds among students, faculty, and universities. Student members can develop social and academic relationships with other students while also becoming more engaged with professors and important figures in the university.

Omicron Delta Epsilon is a society of high standards and outstanding achievement. Through its expanding influence in academia and social life, the society pushes UT Dallas towards greater heights in student involvement and economic excellence.