EPPS Political Scientists Weigh In on Presidential Election

As the presidential primaries point to a Trump-Clinton contest in November, political science professors from the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences are weighing in with media analysis and insights on the presumptive nominees. Paul Diehl, Ashbel Smith professor of Political Science, penned an opinion piece on Donald Trump’s international prospects in USA Today with Daniel Druckman, a professor of public and international affairs at George Mason University. In the column, they point out that Trump's business strategies may not translate well to the global stage.

Meanwhile Euel Elliott, a professor of Political Science, Public Policy and Political Economy, has been writing a series of columns for Fortune Magazine. In his most recent commentary, he writes that Donald Trump still has a tough climb to the White House. He previously has written about Bernie Sanders and John Kasich.

Locally, Harold D. Clarke, Ashbel Smith Professor of Political Science, appeared on KERA's Think with Krys Boyd. He joined another political analyst in talking about the primary election season along with offering a preview of the general election.