Economics Job Market Candidates

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Professor Donggyu Sul
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2017 - 2018   Job Market Candidates

Kwang Soo Kim

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Dissertation: Essays on Investment and Exports of Multinational Firms in South Korea
JMP: Crisis, FDI, and Investment: The Impact of FDI on the Investment of Foreign-Owned
Companies during Banking Crisis in Source Countries

Research Interests: International Finance, International Macroeconomics, Applied Econometrics
Advisor: Aslı Leblebicioglu

Xia Si

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Dissertation: Three Essays on the Economics of Nutrition Assistance and Food Security
JMP: Aging out of WIC: An Investigation of the Compensation Effect of Private Nutrition Assistance

Research Interests: Econometrics, Labor Economics, Health Economics, Public Economics
Advisor: Kurt J. Beron

Shuo Yang

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Dissertation: Three Essays in Economics: Group Identity and Punishment, Human Capital
Development, and Moral Hazard
JMP: Group Identity and Pro-Social Punishment
Research Interests: Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Health Economics,
and Applied Econometrics.
Advisor: Sherry Xin Li

Zeyu Zhang

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Dissertation: Three Essays on Economic Demography
JMP: Impacts of Participation in the WIC Program on Households' Labor Supply
Research Interests: Labor Economics, Health Economics, Applied Microeconometrics
and Experimental Economics
Advisor: Dan Arce and Monica Deza