PhD Graduates in Geospatial Sciences

Amy Hughes (Spring 2016)
"Residential Mobility and CRC Screening: A Spatial Analysis of CRC Screening in an Urban Safety-Net Clinic"
Professor: Daniel A. Griffith

Fernando Jose Mendoza Jara (Spring 2015)
"A Forest Optimization Model to Reduce the Risk of Hurricane Damage in Eastern Nicaragua"
Professor, National Agrarian University
Professors: Denis J. Dean & Michael Tiefelsdorf

Parmanand Sinha (Spring 2015)
"Modeling Land Use Change Using Eigenvector Spatial Filtering Specification And Sprawl Measures: A Case Study Of Collin County, Texas"
Postdoctoral Research Associate at NSF-Census Research Network, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Professor: Daniel Griffith

Vini Indriasari (Spring 2015)
"Design of a Data Model and Algorithm for Time-Dependent Shortest Paths"
Lecturer, Universitas Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran" Jakarta, Indonesia
Professor: Denis J. Dean

E Scott Morris (Spring 2015)
"Fractal Volume of an Urban Environment: 3-Dimensional Space Filling of Dallas, Texas"
Professor: Daniel Griffith

Yuhong Zhou (Spring 2015)
"Fusion of Hyperspatial Imagery and Lidar Waveform at the Object Level for Land Cover Classification Using Curve Matching Approaches"
Postdoc, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Professor: Fang Qiu

Mofareh Dhayem Qoradi (Fall 2014)
"GIS-Based Cartographic Design: Development and Evaluation of the Tourism Symbols of the National Park Service (NPS) and Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA)"
Lecturer, King Saud University
Professor: Denis J. Dean

Nicholas Knize (Fall 2013)
"Assessing the Impact of a Proposed Web2.0 Geospatial Information System for Improving the Decision-Making Process of Emergency Management and Incident Response Personnel"
Spatial Agent at Elasticsearch
Professor: Denis J. Dean

Scott Ellis Horn (Spring 2013)
"Finding Hidden Road Segments by Determining a Cost Surface from Visible Proximal Segments: Discovering the Limits of Dean's Approach"
GIS Developer at the City of Dallas
Professor: Denis J. Dean

Harini Sridharan (Fall 2012)
"Object-Based Approaches to Image Classification for Hyperspatial and Hyperspectral Data"
Remote Sensing and Mapping Engineer at Sturfee
Professor: Fang Qiu

Chien-Chou Chen (Spring 2012)
"Small Area Demand and Supply Estimation Accounting for Spatial Interaction Patterns: The Mismatch of Tobacco Sales and Customer Base within"
Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Geographic Information Science at Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Professor: Michael Tiefelsdorf

Jie Chang (Summer 2011)
"Segmentation-Based Filtering and Object-Based Feature Extraction from Airborne Lidar Point Cloud Data"
GIS Analyst, Enivronment System Research Institute (ESRI) - California
Professor: Fang Qiu

Bryan J. Chastain (Summer 2011)
"A Hybrid CA/MAS Model of Residential Burglary with AHP and GA-Based Calibration"
Senior Lecturer, The Univeristy of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Fang Qiu

Michelle Wurtz Penton (Spring 2011)
"Recording a Vanishing History: Three-Dimensional Scanning of Petroglyphs at Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada"
Versar, Inc.
Professor: Carlos Aiken

Gene A. Feighny (Fall 2010)
"A Predictive Terrestrial Clutter Model for Ground-to-Ground Automated Target Detection Applications"
Senior Principal Engineer at Raytheon
Professor: Denis J. Dean

Melissa J. Rura (Fall 2010)
"Eigenvector Spatial Filtering for Image Analysis: An Efficient Algorithm"
Book Review Editor of Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing
Professor: Denis J. Dean

Caiyun Zhang (Fall 2010)
"Urban Forest Inventory Using Airborne Lidar Data and Hyperspectral Imagery"
Assistant Professor, GIS, Florida Atlantic University
Professor: Fang Qiu

Yan Li (Fall 2009)
"An Automated System for Image-to-Vector Georeferencing"
Lead Application Analyst at Pioneer Natural Resources
Professor: Ronald Briggs

Janis Schubert (Summer 2009)
"Incorporating Time and Daily Activities into an Analysis of Urban Violent Crime"
Senior Member of Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories
Professor: Daniel Griffith