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Shuo Yang (Spring 2018)
"Three Essays in Economics: Group Identity and Punishment, Human Capital Development, and Moral Hazard"
Assistant Professor, Wuhan University, China
Professor: Sherry Xin Li

Zeyu Zhang (Spring 2018)
"Three Essays on Economic Demography"
Professor: Daniel G. Arce and Monica Deza

Santoso Budiman (Spring 2018)
"The Impact of Investment-Mix on ICT Firms' Financial and Market Performances"
Assistant professor, Collin County Community College
Professor: Donald A. Hicks

Xia Si (Spring 2018)
"Three Essays on the Economics of Nutrition Assistance and Food Security"
Assistant Professor, Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, China
Professor: Kurt J. Beron

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Ivan Gregory Birch (Fall 2017)
"Perceptions of Success in serious Juvenile Offenders: A Group-Based Trajectory Approach"
Professor: Alex R. Piquero

Christopher Roby (Summer 2017)
"Three Essays in Economics: Competition, Coordination, and Health"
Economist, MobLab
Professor: Sherry Xin Li

Sara Muehlenbein (Spring 2017)
"Three Essays on the Economics of Education Choice"
Senior Associate, Charles River Associates
Professor: Rodney Andrews and Dan Arce

Stephanie Cardwell (Spring 2017)
"The Longitudinal Relations between Religiosity, Moral Disengagement, and Offending in Serious Adolescent Offenders"
Professor: Alex R. Piquero

Ivan Wong (Spring 2017)
"Predicting Arrest Trajectories in Micro-places: A Test of Social Disorganization Theory"
Professor: John Worrall

Michele Meitl (Spring 2017)
"Criminal Law And Procedure Opinions Throughout The 2001-2015 Terms"
Professor: Nicole Leeper Piquero

Turgut Ozkan (Spring 2017)
"Predicting Recidivism Through Machine Learning"
Professor: Alex R. Piquero

Richard Riner (Spring 2017)
"Race, Class, and Procedural Justice During Traffic Stops"
Professor: Nadine Connell

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Ayesha Tahir Hashmi (Summer 2016)
"Islamic Finance in the United States: Adoption and Adaptation"
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Thomas B. Spencer (Summer 2016)
"Research Administrative Burden: Policy Analysis into the Components and Definitions"
Professor: Richard K. Scotch and Donald R. Arbuckle

Anna Fountain Clark (Summer 2016)
"Uncertainty, Threat, and Opportunity: Examining the Risk Preferences and Perceptions of Public Employees"
Professor: Sheryl L. Skaggs and Young-joo Lee

Bennet B. Min (Summer 2016)
"How Attorneys Think: Political Giving in Judicial Elections as a Hiring Decision"
Professor: Robert C. Lowry

Paula Finch (Summer 2016)
"The Cycle of Violence Between Terrorism and Repression"
Professor: Linda Camp Keith and Jennifer S. Holmes

Shidi Wang (Summer 2016)
"Three Essays on the Geographic Impacts of the Texas Top Ten Percent Plan"
Data Scientist, DataOne Global
Professor: Kurt J. Beron and Daniel A. Griffith

Malcolm Kass (Summer 2016)
"Three Essays on Conflict and Conflict Resolution Between Organizations"
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Arlington
Professor: Daniel G. Arce

Ferzana Dara Havewala (Spring 2016)
"The Dynamics Between the Food Environment and Residential Segregation: Separate Menus in Metros, Counties and Neighborhoods"
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Ryan Krone (Spring 2016)
"Human Organization, Democratic Rule of Law and Presumptive Legitimacy: A Cross-Country Examination of a Global Dataset"
Professor: Donald A. Hicks

Roy Robbins (Spring 2016)
"An Inquiry Into the Effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement Upon Four Texas Counties on the Texas-Mexico Border"
Professor: Euel Elliott

Yi-En (Mike) Tso (Spring 2016)
"Locations for Emergency Shelters in Taiwan: A Policy Issue in Disaster Preparedness"
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry and Dohyeong Kim

Irwanda Wisnu Wardhana (Spring 2016)
"Business and Social Efficiency of the Indonesian State-Owned Enterprises: Evidence from Data Envelopment Analysis"
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Anna Roome (Spring 2016)
"An Examination of the Characteristics and Determinants of At-Risk and Non-At-Risk Students in a Texas Independent School District"
Professor: Euel Elliott and Donald R. Arbuckle

Paola Cantarelli (Spring 2016)
"Setting an Agenda for Exploring the Causes of Unethical Behavior in Government Workplace: a Meta-Analysis of Experiments on the Roots of Unethical Behavior"
Professor: R. Paul Battaglio, Jr.

Patrick Larue (Spring 2016)
"Investigating Transnational Terrorism: Three New Looks"
Professor: Jennifer S. Holmes

Engin Kapti (Spring 2016)
"Chinese Official Assistance into Africa: Determinants and Consequences"
Professor: Clint Peinhardt

Casper Kamau (Spring 2016)
"National Level Tolerance for "Customary" Neo-Autogenous Sub-Saharan (NAS) Law"
Professor: Linda Camp Keith

Amy Hughes (Spring 2016)
"Residential Mobility and CRC Screening: A Spatial Analysis of CRC Screening in an Urban Safety-Net Clinic"
Professor: Daniel A. Griffith

Justin George Kappiaruparampil (Spring 2016)
"Contributions in the Political Economy of Political Violence"
Post-Doctoral Fellow at Michigan State University
Professor: Todd Sandler

Haley Zettler (Spring 2016)
"Exploring the Role Between Dual Diagnosis and Recidivism"
Professor: Robert G. Morris

Mark Saber (Spring 2016)
"Understanding the Individual & Contextual Determinants of Protective Gun Ownership: Analysis of Data from the National Survey of Private Ownership of Firearms"
Professor: Tomislav Kovandzic

Erik Milzcik (Spring 2016)
"Group Differences in Cybercrime Victimization from a Routine Activities Perspective"
Professor: Nicole Leeper Piquero

Alexis Harper (Spring 2016)
"Doctoring Disorganization: Assessing Crime and Hospitalizations in Dallas, Texas"
Professor: Nicole Leeper Piquero and Timothy M. Bray

Stephen Clipper (Spring 2016)
"Predicting Failure To Appear: A Comparison of Statistical Techniques"
Professor: Alex R. Piquero and Robert G. M

Nina Barbieri (Spring 2016)
"Examining General Strain Theory: Using Subjective and Objective Measures of Academic Strain to Predict Delinquency and Substance Use"
Professor: Nadine M. Connell and Nicole Leeper Piquero

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Barbara E. Kirby (Fall 2015)
"Neighborhood Justice: Non-Lawyer Judges, Repeat Players and Institutional Reform in Texas Justice of the Peace Courts"
Professor: Anthony M. Champagne

Bruce L. Jones (Fall 2015)
"An FMRI Study of the Reward Preferences of Government and Business Leaders"
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

James A. Scott (Fall 2015)
"US Telehealth State Policies: A Forecast of Texas Telehealth Trends to Medicaid Beneficiaries"
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Caitlin N. McKillop (Summer 2015)
"An Examination of the Social and Geographic Determinants of Individual Decision-Making"
Post-Doctoral Fellow at Department of Preventive Medicine at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Professor: Kurt J. Beron and Tammy Leonard, Co-Chairs

Sneha Bakshi (Summer 2015)
"Three Essays on Imperfect Information and Market Pricing"
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Arlington
Professor: Kevin Siqueira

Kwang Bin Bae (Summer 2015)
"Three Studies of Human Resources: Insight into Family-Friendly Policies and Gender Diversity"
Professor: Sheryl L. Skaggs

Julie B. Haworth (Summer 2015)
"The Impact of Social Networks on Residentail Water Conservation Drip Irrigation Workshops into the Plano, Texas Area"
Professor: Euel Elliott

Osamah A. Almuayyad (Summer 2015)
"Effects of No Child Left Behind on the Performance of Texas Public High Schools"
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Young Joon Oh (Summer 2015)
"Agent-Based Network Modeling for the 2008 Financial Crisis and the Sluggish Recovery"
Professor: Euel Elliott

Lokenathan (Logan) Palanisamy (Summer 2015)
"Internal Control Financial Reporting and Firm Performance: A Public Policy Evaluation of Section 404(a) of the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002"
Professor: Lloyd J. Dumas

Brandon W. Seitzler (Summer 2015)
"National and Religious Identity and Political Culture: Southern Baptist Missionaries in Brazil"
Professor: Jennifer S. Holmes

Fernando Jose Mendoza Jara (Spring 2015)
"A Forest Optimization Model to Reduce the Risk of Hurricane Damage in Eastern Nicaragua"
Professor, National Agrarian University
Professors: Denis J. Dean & Michael Tiefelsdorf

Parmanand Sinha (Spring 2015)
"Modeling Land Use Change Using Eigenvector Spatial Filtering Specification And Sprawl Measures: A Case Study Of Collin County, Texas"
Postdoctoral Research Associate at NSF-Census Research Network, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Professor: Daniel Griffith

Jessica Craig (Spring 2015)
"The Role of Personality Factors in Predicting Embezzlement, Fraud, and Shoplifting"
Professor: Nicole Leeper-Piquero

Sarah El Sayed (Spring 2015)
"Differentiating between Moffitt's Developmental Taxonomy and Silverthorn and Frick's Delayed-Onset Models of Female Offending"
Professor: Alex Piquero

Vini Indriasari (Spring 2015)
"Design of a Data Model and Algorithm for Time-Dependent Shortest Paths"
Lecturer, Universitas Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran" Jakarta, Indonesia
Professor: Denis J. Dean

E Scott Morris (Spring 2015)
"Fractal Volume of an Urban Environment: 3-Dimensional Space Filling of Dallas, Texas"
Professor: Daniel Griffith

Yuhong Zhou (Spring 2015)
"Fusion of Hyperspatial Imagery and Lidar Waveform at the Object Level for Land Cover Classification Using Curve Matching Approaches"
Postdoc, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Professor: Fang Qiu

Laura Bell (Spring 2015)
"Repercussions of Terrorist Assassinations: A Post-Assassination Institutional Analysis, 1970-2012"
Assistant Professor of Political Science, West Texas A&M University
Professor: Patrick Brandt

Maureen Therese Stobb (Spring 2015)
"From Rhetoric to Reality: The Role of Domestic Actors in Diffusing International Human Rights Norms"
Assistant Professor of Political Science, Georgia Southern University
Professor: Linda Camp Keith

Robert S. Blake (Spring 2015)
"Health Care Public Reporting and Consumer Hospital Choice: Data Displayed by CMS Upon Discrete Hospital Choices of Texas Residents, 2008-2012"
Professor: Sheryl L. Skaggs

Roxanne Baker Burleson (Spring 2015)
"District Variations in Student Outcomes: A Case Study of Texas Schools"
Professor: Sheryl L. Skaggs

George Ray Dobson (Spring 2015)
"Predicting the Probability of Texas Municipalities Outsourcing Human Resources Management Functions"
Professor: R. Paul Battaglio, Jr.

Ji Han Lee (Spring 2015)
"More Public Oriented or More Private Oriented? Quasi-Government Employees' Public Service Motivation by Organizational Factors"
Professor: Doug Goodman/Young-joo Lee

Valerie L. Miller (Spring 2015)
"The State of Water Policy in North Central Texas: Where do We Go from Here?"
Professor: Brian J. L. Berry

Imane Hijal-Moghrabi (Spring 2015)
"Does the Fiscal Crisis Lead to Innovation in Budgeing? The 2007-2008 Fiscal Crisis and its Influence on Performance-Based Budgeting in the Largest Cities in the U.S. and in Texas"
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel/ Donald R. Arbuckle

Marcene Blakey Royster (Spring 2015)
"See Me, Hear Me: Perspectives of African American Men on Providers of Healthcare"
Professor: Simon Fass

Cheri Colter (Spring 2015)
"Spatial Inequality and Academic Outcomes: An Analysis of Neighborhood Factors Affecting Student Performance"
Professor: Brian J. L. Berry/James C. Murdoch

William Carlos Grover (Spring 2015)
"The Efficacy of Price Control of Address Wartime Inflation"
Professor: Brian J. L. Berry

Ying Jia (Spring 2015)
"Venture Capital in Chinese Economic Growth"
Professor: Brian J. L. Berry

Mary Frances Miller (Spring 2015)
"Regional Differences in Dairy Supply Response to Price and Policy"
Professor: Lloyd J. Dumas

Julie Ellen Burlingame Percival (Spring 2015)
"Variation in High School Dropouts and Their Outcomes"
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

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Michael Gage Cherbonneau (Fall 2014)
"Breaking Down and Boosting Cars: A Qualitative Study of Offender Decision-Making in Auto Theft"
Assistant Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, College of Arts & Sciences, University of North Florida
Professor: Bruce A. Jacobs

Jensten Cody Jorgensen (Fall 2014)
"Badges, Bongs, Bookies and Brothels: Police Officers' Attitudes Toward Vice"
Lecturer of Criminology, UT Dallas
Professor: John L. Worrall

Brooke Miller (Fall 2014)
"A Test of Self-Control Theory and Social Learning Theory on Cyber Offending"
Lecturer, Criminal Justice, University of North Texas
Professor: Robert G. II Morris

Mofareh Dhayem Qoradi (Fall 2014)
"GIS-Based Cartographic Design: Development and Evaluation of the Tourism Symbols of the National Park Service (NPS) and Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA)"
Lecturer, King Saud University
Professor: Denis J. Dean

Elizabeth Ann Norell (Fall 2014)
"Wither the Center? Political Polarization in the United States"
Lecturer, Political Science, Public Administration & Nonprofit Management, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Professor: Thomas L. Brunell

Dionne Anna Peniston (Fall 2014)
"Incarceration and Father-Absence: An Exploration of Fatherhood After Prison"
Professor: Simon M. Fass

Soner Senel (Fall 2014)
"Evaluation of a Leadership Training Program by Applying Kirkpatrick's Four-Level Model: The Case of Turkish Prefect Interns Training and Development Program"
Professor: R. Paul Battaglio, Jr.

Scott James Briggs (Fall 2014)
"Health Information Technology: Assessing the Impact of Electronic Medical Records in Primary Care"
Professor: Donald A. Hicks

Alexis Jill Cass (Fall 2014)
"Financial Knowledge, Fringe Banking and the Near Poor"
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Corey A. Hendon (Fall 2014)
"Polity Futures: A Fiscal Policy Innovation for Globally-Integrated Communities"
Professor: Euel Elliott

Ericka Scherenberg Farret (Summer 2014)
"Three Essays on Incentives and Motivation Among Workers"
Forecasting Manager, AM Resorts
Professor: Daniel G. Arce

Minwook Ha (Summer 2014)
"Three Essays in Factor Analysis"
Professor: Donggyu Sul

Jianning Kong (Summer 2014)
"Three Essays on Experimetrics"
Shandong University, Assistant Professor, China.
Professor: Donggyu Sul

Jason Alexander Parker (Summer 2014)
"New Methods in Common Factor Modeling and Experimetrics"
Post-Doctoral Fellow at Michigan State University
Professor: Donggyu Sul

Shengzhe Wang (Summer 2014)
"Three Essays on Social Interactions and Networks"
County Garden LLC. China
Professors: Xin (Sherry) Lin & James C. Murdoch

Iliyan Rumenov Iliev (Summer 2014)
"Energy Policy and Lobbying Dynamics in the U.S. Senate"
Assistant Professor, Southern Mississippi University
Professor: Patrick T. Brandt

Lu-Chung (Dennis) Weng (Summer 2014)
"Political Participation and Democratic Citizenship in a New Democracy - Taiwan in Comparative Perspective"
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Government, Wesleyan University
Professor: Harold Clarke

Nana Kusi Appiah (Summer 2014)
"A Study of Factors Influencing Public Officials and City Planners to Engage Citizens in Governmental Land-Use Decisions"
Planning Manager, Adams County, Colorado
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Cahit Celik (Summer 2014)
"Performance Appraisals' Fairness Perceptions and Public Service Motivation: The Case of Turkish District Governors"
District Governor, Ministry of Interior, Turkey
Professors: Doug Goodman & Meghna Sabharwal

Huzeyfe Citer (Summer 2014)
"Employment at Will or Civil Service System? Human Resource Practices in Local Governments in Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolitan Area"
District Governor, Turkey
Professor: Doug Goodman

Bradley William Davis (Summer 2014)
"Emergency Management and Disability: An Analysis of Collaboration at the Local Level"
Professor: Lawrence J. Redlinger

Erdinc Filiz (Summer 2014)
"The Affects of Personality on Executive Decision Making from the Five Factor Model and the Naturalistic Decision Making Perspectives: The Case of District Governors"
Professor: R. Paul Battaglio, Jr.

Salih Gelgec (Summer 2014)
"Servant Leadership and Public Service Motivation: Antecedents of PSM in the Instance of Turkish District Directors of Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundations and Registry Offices"
District Governor in Ayvacik, Canakkale, Turkey
Professor: R. Paul Battaglio, Jr.

Mehmet Samil Horasanli (Summer 2014)
"Do EU Policies Matter for Turkish Civil Society? The Case of EU Funded Associations in Batman Province"
District Governor, Cizre, Turkey
Professor: R. Paul Battaglio, Jr.

Gokhan Ikitemur (Summer 2014)
"Enhancing Cyber Security in Turkey through Effective Public and Private Cooperation"
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Jacob Nkuma Irukwu (Summer 2014)
"Inadequacy of Strategic Human Capital Development: A Narrative Inquiry of Nigeria"
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Sezer Isiktas (Summer 2014)
"Burnout Among Public Administrators: Case of Deputy Governors and District Governors in Turkey"
Professor: Doug Goodman

Erhan Koyuncu (Summer 2014)
"The Relationship Between the Perceived Leadership Styles of Turkish District Governors and Their Leadership Effectiveness"
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Bruce Warren Lewis (Summer 2014)
"Campaign Promises to Legislative Action: Factors that Determine Presidential Success in Agenda Achievement"
Professors: Euel Elliott & Donald R. Arbuckle

Zvisinei Meki (Summer 2014)
"The Informal Diamond Trade in Africa South of the Sahara"
Professor: Simon M. Fass

Kubilay Sara (Summer 2014)
"Job-Related Psychological Well-Being among Istanbul, Turkey Police Officers"
District Major of Police, Turkish National Police, Turkey
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Thananuch Tapaneeyakul (Summer 2014)
"Clean Food for All: Public Health Campaign and Food Safety Awareness: A Case Study of Thailand"
Professor: Simon M. Fass

Memduh Tura (Summer 2014)
"Conflict and Cooperation in Turkish Metropolitan Governance: A Mixed Methodology Approach"
District Governor, Turkey
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Rami A. Yousef (Summer 2014)
"Toward Effective Construction Safety: Application of Morphological Analysis to the Arabian Gulf Region"
Professor: Simon M. Fass

Alero Esimaje Akporiaye (Summer 2014)
"Political Risk and Multinational Corporations: Case of Multinational Energy Corporations"
Professor: Patrick Brandt

Rashaan A. DeShay (Spring 2014)
"Why Offenders Take Breaks: A Qualitative Exploration of Intermittency in Criminal Careers"
Professor: Lynne M. Vieraitis

Mathewos B. Kassa (Spring 2014)
"Ex-Ante Assessment of the Impact of Extending the African Growth and opportunity Act (AGOA) to All Lease Developed Countries: A Partial Equilibrium Analysis of the Apparel Market"
Professors: James C. Murdoch & Lloyd J. Dumas

Whitney Ross Manzo (Spring 2014)
"Implications, Benefits and Impacts of Direct Democracy"
Meredith College, Raleigh, NC
Professor: Thomas L. Brunell

Adam Yeeles (Spring 2014)
"The Political Ecology of Governance, Inequality and Unrest"
Professor: Jennifer S. Holmes

Eliza Del Carmen Alvarado (Spring 2014)
"Getting Out the Youth Vote: Findings from a Natural Experiment in the Rio Grande Valley"
Office of Congressman Ruben Hinojosa
Professor: Simon M. Fass

Nora Campos (Spring 2014)
"The Path to Earned Income Tax Credit Participation: Are Community Coalitions Beneficial?"
Internal Revenue Service
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Galia Cohen (Spring 2014)
"An Agency-Level Analysis of Turnover Behavior and Turnover Intention: Evidence from the U.S. Federal Government"
University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: R. Paul Battaglio, Jr.

Kyle Coby Pewitt (Spring 2014)
"Volunteers in Police Service: A Case-Study of a Medium-Sized Municipal Law Enforcement Agency"
Richardson Police Department
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Kelley Edmonds Stone (Spring 2014)
"Creating an Information Sharing and Analysis Center: A Case Study of the North Central Texas Fusion Center"
Collin County
Professor: Robert W. Taylor

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Michael Haydel, Jr. (Fall 2013)
"Essays in Behavioral and Experimental Economics: Time Preferences and Risk Measures"
Advanced Analytics, Richards Group
Professor: Xin (Sherry) Lin

Nicholas Knize (Fall 2013)
"Assessing the Impact of a Proposed Web2.0 Geospatial Information System for Improving the Decision-Making Process of Emergency Management and Incident Response Personnel"
Spatial Agent at Elasticsearch
Professor: Denis J. Dean

Maria Balderas (Fall 2013)
"Free and Charitable Clinics: The Impact of Care to Undocumented Immigrants"
Dallas Regional Office of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Scott Clayton (Fall 2013)
"The Limits of Administrative Discretion: An Evaluation of Supreme Court Justice Breyer's and Scalia's Judicial Review of Agency Policymaking and Interpretation"
Federal Government Accountability Office, Dallas
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Heather Flabiano (Fall 2013)
"Through the Lens of Maslow's Hierarchy: Understanding Endowment Accumulation at Private Colleges and Universities"
Administrator for St. Louis University
Professors: Jeremy L. Hall & Richard K. Scotch

Thomas Maglisceau (Fall 2013)
"The Decrease of Social Capital in Adolescents as a Manifestation of the Negative Effects of Parental Divorce"
Principal, Rockwall-Heath High School
Professor: Sheryl L. Skaggs

Malinda Hicks (Fall 2013)
"Reducing Disparities in the Use of Treatments for Depression and Other Mood Disorders: Does Site of Care Matter?"
Dallas Regional Office of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Christopher P.D. Boone (Summer 2013)
"Addressing Informatics Barriers to Conducting Observational Comparative Effectiveness Research: A Comparative Case Analysis"
Vice President, Avalere Health, Washington DC
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Mark Lee Clark (Summer 2013)
"Strategic Innovation within Hybrid-Enterprise Organizations"
Professor, Collin College; beginning August 2014: Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship (tenure-track), Department of Management, New Mexico State UnIversity
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Kyle Douglas Edgington (Summer 2013)
"Leadership in Higher Education Fundraising: Chief Fundraiser Leadership Style and Follower Self-Efficacy"
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

India Ileen Stewart (Summer 2013)
"Permanent Supportive Housing for Women and Families in Dallas, Texas: Service Utilization, Outcomes and the Lived Experience"
Senior Lecturer, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, UT Dallas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Janiece Elaine Upshaw (Summer 2013)
"Volunteerism as a Community Response to Public Acts of Violence: Case Studies of the Oklahoma City Bombing and the Tucson, Arizona Mass Shooting"
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Michelle Powell Leake (Summer 2013)
"Do School Districts Have the Tools They Need to Hire Effective Teachers? Deriving Predictors of Teacher Effectiveness from Information Available to School District Hiring Personnel"
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Adrianna Mae Phillips (Summer 2013)
"Theories of Representation and Policy Implications for the Voting Rights Act of 1965"
Professor: Thomas L. Brunell

Stephen Arthur Bishopp (Spring 2013)
"An Examination of General Strain Theory and the Effects of Violent Crime Exposure on Police Suicide Ideation, Alcohol Consumption and Divorce"
Associate Director for Research, Caruth Police Institute
Professor: John L. Worrall

Michael L. Carriaga (Spring 2013)
"Closing the Maturity Gap: Exploring the Relationship between Changes in the Maturity Gap and Adolescence-Limited Offending"
Information Service Coordinator, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Robert G. Morris

Brie Diamond (Spring 2013)
"Assessing the Determinants and Stability of Self-Control into Adulthood"
Assistant Professor, Department of Criminal Justice, Texas Christian Univeristy
Professor: Alex R. Piquero

Henriikka Weir (Spring 2013)
"The Web of Addiction: Biology and Environment in Substance Abuse and Crime"
Assistant Professor, University of Colorado - Colorado Springs
Professor: Robert G. Morris

Brian William Buckles (Spring 2013)
"The Impact of Court-Ordered Scattered-Site Public Housing on Residential Real Estate Values"
Professor: Nathan C. Berg

Chunyu Chen (Spring 2013)
"Three Essays in Information Sharing and Transfer Pricing"
Professor: Nathan C. Berg

Scott Ellis Horn (Spring 2013)
"Finding Hidden Road Segments by Determining a Cost Surface from Visible Proximal Segments: Discovering the Limits of Dean's Approach"
GIS Developer at the City of Dallas
Professor: Denis J. Dean

Robert Clemente Chalwell (Spring 2013)
"The Political Economy of Trade and Development in the Commonwealth Caribbean"
Lecturer, Dallas County Community College
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

John P. Connolly (Spring 2013)
"Political Sophistication in Contemporary Britain: Dissecting the Mass Public"
Statistical Consultant, University of Texas at Arlington
Professor: Harold D. Clarke

Michelle M. Payne (Spring 2013)
"Redistricting and Reapportionment: Reforming Texas District Courts"
Professor: Anthony M. Champagne

Jayshree Bihari (Spring 2013)
"Policy Responses to Kyoto: Three Contrasting Cases"
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Malik H. Dulaney (Spring 2013)
"In the Clouds: The Implications of Cloud Computing for Higher Education Information Technology Governance and Decision Making"
Academic IT Director, University of Dallas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Doric E. Earle (Spring 2013)
"Forward Dallas! An Evaluation"
Program Services Director, Compucon Corp.
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Todd Alan Jordan (Spring 2013)
"The Intersection of Organizational Change and Public Sector Labor Relations in the Badger State: Assessing the Management of Changes to Collective Bargaining Rights"
Professor: R. Paul Battaglio

Dawnetta M. Miller (Spring 2013)
"LGBT Social Movement History: From 1990 Efforts in Hawaii to Marriage Equality in Massachusetts to the Approval of the 2004 Anti-Marriage Constitutional Amendmen"
Sales Director, Cafe Favorites
Professor: Richard K. Scotch, Sheryl L. Skaggs

Kathleen Rose Ryan (Spring 2013)
"The Career Paths of Texas State Representatives in the 82nd Legislature"
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Mehrzad Ahlberg (Spring 2013)
"Values and Development: Associations between Culture and Global Competitiveness"
Director of Admissions, Dallas International School
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Yi-Bin Chang (Spring 2013)
"Personal Value Orientations and Redistribution: Why Do People Not Support Redistribution Even if They are Suffering from Economic Distress?"
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Rubia da Rocha Valente (Spring 2013)
"Effects of Racial Discrimination on High School Performance and College Admission in Brazil"
Post-Doctoral Research, UT Dallas
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

James David Michael Latham (Spring 2013)
"The Impact of Conditional Cash Transfer Programs on Human Capital Accumulation"
Research analyst, Catalyst Commercial, Inc.
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry, Jennifer S. Holmes

Kara L. Sutton (Spring 2013)
"Socioeconomic, Behavioral and Health Determinants of Functional Status Decline and Institutionalization"
Self-Employed Consultant
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Olga Carolyn Stain Taylor (Spring 2013)
"Maternal Social Reproduction in Job Corps Youth"
Organizational Development Consultant
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Duong Thanh Truong (Spring 2013)
"Public Enterprises and Economic Performance: An Examination of Vietnamese State Owned Enterprises"
Software Engineer at National Bankruptcy Services, Inc.
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

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Marquis R. White (Fall 2012)
"The Role of Disciplinary Sanctions in Violent Misconduct: A Multi-Level Growth Curve Approach to Examining Prison Violence"
Queens, NY
Professor: Robert G. Morris

Ahmed S. Alzarani (Fall 2012)
"Exchange Rate Prediction Under Model Uncertainty"
Aramco, Economist, Saudi Arabia
Professor: Donggyu Sul

Walter Ryan Davis (Fall 2012)
"Contributions to Regional Economic Modeling: Bayesian Space-Time Methods"
Professor: Patrick T. Brandt

Harini Sridharan (Fall 2012)
"Object-Based Approaches to Image Classification for Hyperspatial and Hyperspectral Data"
Remote Sensing and Mapping Engineer at Sturfee
Professor: Fang Qiu

Rosalinda M. Valenzuela (Fall 2012)
"Latinos in Electoral Politics: Turnout, Representation and Perspectives"
Professor: Gregory S. Thielemann

Victor O. Owuor (Fall 2012)
"Destabilizing Dark Networks: The Case of the Somali Piracy Saga and Its Financial Implications for Kenya"
Project Manager, One Earth Future, a Nonprofit, Broomfield - Co
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

John Miles Ray (Fall 2012)
"Toward a More Democratic American Policing Model: Understanding Community Oriented Policing as a Practical Application of Deliberative Democratic Theory"
Deputy Sherrif Office, Tarrant County - Texas
Professor: Edward J. Harpham

Jerry W. Rutherford (Fall 2012)
"What Are the Effects of Tax Abatements and Government Incentives on Economic Development? A Study of Select Texas Cities"
Lumenate Oil and Gas - Texas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Erin Anderson Orrick (Summer 2012)
"Criminal Attitudes and Reentry: An Analysis of Recidivism Post-Release from Prison among Serious Violent Offenders"
Provost Office, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Tomislav V. Kovandzic

Minh B. Le (Summer 2012)
"Evaluating Financial Theories Using Practical Trading in Stock and Equity Option Markets"
Chief Investment Officer, SK Fidelity Capital
Professor: Donggyu Sul

Charlinda M. Santifort (Summer 2012)
"Contributions to the Evolving Study of Modern Terrorism: An Economic Approach"
Booz Allen, Economic Analyst
Professor: Todd Sandler

Alicia Ann Makaye (Summer 2012)
"African American Congregations and Charitable Choice: The Factors that Drive Willingness to Collaborate with the Federal Government"
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Musafare T. Mupanduki (Summer 2012)
"An Analysis of the Nature of and Remedies for Corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa: Focusing on Zimbabwe"
Chief Executive Officer, Consulting Group, Zimbabwe - Africa
Professor: Lloyd J. Dumas

Jesus Alejandro Tirado-Alcaraz (Summer 2012)
"Has Progresa-Oportunidades Alleviated Poverty in Mexico and Affected Mexican Domestic and International Migration?"
Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University - Lubbock
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Rubana Ahmed (Spring 2012)
"Access to Credit by the Poor: The Role of Peer-to-Peer Lending Via Not-for-Profit Organizations"
Research Associate at The Unviersity of Texas at Dallas Institute for Urban Policy Research
Professors: Brian J.L. Berry & James C. Murdoch

Lisa Anne Donnan Anderson (Spring 2012)
"Where Technology Meets Regulation: Investigating the Impact of the SEC's Electronic Filing Requirements on Earnings Estimate Accuracy"
Conifer Health Solutions
Professor: Donald A. Hicks

Prachi Gupta (Spring 2012)
"Demand Side Management: An Approach to Peak Load Smoothing"
Senior Pricing Analyst at Luminant, a Subsidiary of Energery Future Holding Corp.
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Chien-Chou Chen (Spring 2012)
"Small Area Demand and Supply Estimation Accounting for Spatial Interaction Patterns: The Mismatch of Tobacco Sales and Customer Base within"
Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Geographic Information Science at Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Professor: Michael Tiefelsdorf

Curtis A. McDowell (Spring 2012)
"Group Perceptions, Group Conflict and Political Support"
Human Resources at Johnson and Johnson
Professor: Harold Clarke

Kristina Marie White Mitchell (Spring 2012)
"The Participation and Success of Developing Countries in WTO Disputes"
Instructor at Texas Tech
Professor: Clint Peinhardt

David Ryan Smith (Spring 2012)
"Getting Earmarks Right: Examining Both Requests and Awards to Members of the U.S. Congress"
Visiting Assistant Professor, Political Science, TAMU-CC
Professor: Thomas L. Brunell

Aaron L. Bartula (Spring 2012)
"The Independency of Trust:  Testing the Link between Trust and Delinquency Independent of Attachment"
Assistant professor, University of North Texas - Dallas
Professors: Denise P. Boots & John L. Worrall

Ryan Mychal Getty (Spring 2012)
"Does the Apple Fall Far from the Tree?  Police Field Training Officers, Their Trainees and Allegations of Misconduct"
Assistant Professor, California State University, Sacramento
Professor: John L. Worrall

Richard Charles Helfers (Spring 2012)
"The Impact of Neighborhood Level Collective Efficacy on Household Violent Crime Victimization:  Evidence from Two Southern Cities"
Richardson Police Department - Texas
Professor: Tomislav V. Kovandzic

David H. Marble (Spring 2012)
"The Impact of Discretionary Parole Release on Offender Recidivism"
Professor/Departmental Chair of Criminal Justice and Political Science at Collin College - Texas
Professor: James W. Marquart

Terry Lee Blacketer Hockenbrough (Spring 2012)
"Weaving a Net that Works: The Evolution of the Collin County Homeless Coalition"
Director of Service Learning, Collin College - Texas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

John Richie McCaskill, Jr. (Spring 2012)
"The Effectiveness of Coordinating Military and Nongovernmental Organization Activities in Complex Humanitarian Interventions: Testing Policy Options with"
Office of Evaluation at The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Hubert E. Sales (Spring 2012)
"Affecting Philanthropic Propensity: A Case Study of Dallas Social Venture Partners"
Assistant Professor, Belmont Abbey College in Charlotte - NC
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Stephanie M. Abramoske-James (Spring 2012)
"The Effects of Childhood Victimization on Adult Offending: An Extension of the 'Cycle of Violence'"
Collin College - Texas
Professor: Lynne M. Vieraitis

Natalia Candelo Londono (Spring 2012)
"Field Experiments in Decision-Making by Current and Potential Immigrants"
Assistant Professor, CUNY Queens College
Professors: Rachel T.A. Croson & Catherine C. Eckel

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Jeffery Alan Ayres (Fall 2011)
"Do Neighborhood Associations Help Sustain Inner-Ring Suburb Home Property Values?? An Analysis of the Richardson, Texas Market for Single Family Homes 2007 Through 2009"
Senior Financial Analyst, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Professors: Brian J.L. Berry & James C. Murdoch

Jekabs Bikis (Fall 2011)
"Efficiency of the Welfare State: A Comparative Approach Using Data Envelopment Analysis"
Associate Dean, College of Business, Dalas Baptist University - Texas
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Ping Penny Chen (Fall 2011)
"Universities' Entrepreneurial Performance: The Role of Agglomeration Economies"
Marketing Manager, ZTE Corporation
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Olufemi Olarewaju (Fall 2011)
"Harnessing the Sun: Developing Capacity to Sustain Local Solar Energy Systems"
Research Fellow at the Center for Public Policy Alternatives in Lagos (Nigeria), Pproviding Policy Research Analysis for the Energy Sector, CPP is a privately funded think-tank
Professor: Simon Fass

Jesse K. Porter (Fall 2011)
"Sub-Saharan African Immigrants in the United States: A Narrative Inquiry of Their Assimilation Experiences into Mainstream American Society"
Professor: Richard Scotch

Melinda Rodgers (Fall 2011)
"Police Department Efficiency: Texas, 2008"
Managing Partner, Trinity Analytical Services, LLC - Texas
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Kimberly M. Jones (Summer 2011)
"The Effectiveness of College Readiness Programs: Evidence from a Program in Dallas Independent School District"
US Dept. of Commerce - Washington, DC
Professor: James C. Murdoch

Steven G. Conover (Summer 2011)
"U.S. Middle Class Income Stagnation, 2000-2007: Reality or Illusion?"
Commentator/Analyst for a National "Think Tank"
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Lavada Strickland (Summer 2011)
"The Effects of Technology on Educational Outcomes"
Sr. Statistical Analyst, Governments Division State Finance and Tax Statistics Branch, US Dept. of Commerce, US Census Bureau - DC
Professor: Simon M. Fass

Jie Chang (Summer 2011)
"Segmentation-Based Filtering and Object-Based Feature Extraction from Airborne Lidar Point Cloud Data"
GIS Analyst, Enivronment System Research Institute (ESRI) - California
Professor: Fang Qiu

Bryan J. Chastain (Summer 2011)
"A Hybrid CA/MAS Model of Residential Burglary with AHP and GA-Based Calibration"
Senior Lecturer, The Univeristy of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Fang Qiu

Dogan Koc (Summer 2011)
"Testing Strategies of Conflict Resolution: Turkish Case"
Professor: Marie I. Chevrier

Diane L. Verrill (Summer 2011)
"United Nations Peacekeeping Missions: The Effect of Peacekeepers on Mission Effectiveness"
Lecturer, Honors College, University of North Texas
Professor: Patrick T. Brandt

Joseph K. Darmoe (Summer 2011)
"Status, Benefits and Challenges of E-Government in Municipal Government: An Empirical Study of E-Government in the City of Terrell, Texas"
University of Shana
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Hilary Odion Donald Evbayiro (Summer 2011)
"A Historical Analysis of Federal Policies on Health Care Fraud"
Texas Health and Human Services Office of the Inpector General - Dallas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Gilberto S. Gonzalez (Summer 2011)
"Teacher Autonomy in Light of Managed Instruction"
Dallas Independent School District - Texas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Jan Kallberg (Summer 2011)
"The Internet as a Proxy for Democratic Accountability and Transparency - A Comparative Test of Waldo's Five Problem Areas in Five Advanced Democratic Societies"
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Daniel G. Ledbetter (Summer 2011)
"McKinney: How and Why an Affluent Suburb Integrates Socioeconomically"
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Robert T. Woerner (Summer 2011)
"The Comparative Advantages of the Northstar Mental Health Model"
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Nikhil Jha (Summer 2011)
"Examining the Role of Neighbors and Neighborhood in Education: Three Empirical Essays"
University of Melbourne, Victoria Australia
Professor: James C. Murdoch

Jing Li (Summer 2011)
"hree Essays on Human Capital"
Assistant Professor, Oklahoma University
Professors: James C. Murdoch & Rodney J. Andrews

Quoc H. Tran (Summer 2011)
"Three Essays on the Economics of Transfer Pricing"
Economics Department of Bridgewater State University - Massachusetts
Professors: Barry Seldon & Rachel T.A. Croson

Lei Zhang (Summer 2011)
"Three Essays on Macroeconomics and Applied Econometrics"
Assistant Professor, North Dakota State University
Professor: James C. Murdoch

Sheheryar Banuri (Spring 2011)
"Three Essays on Corruption: Experimental Evidence on the Effects of Anti-Corruption Policy on Individual Behavior"
World Bank - Washington, D.C.
Professor: Catherine C. Eckel

Monica Elizabeth Brussolo (Spring 2011)
"The Kuznets Hypothesis Revisited: Exploring Mexican Inequality at the Sub-National Level"
Assistant Director of Institutional Research Collin College
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Victor Pedro Vela Contreras (Spring 2011)
"Hispanic Migration in Dallas County"
Professors: Richard K. Scotch & Irving J. Hoch

Carol Cirulli Lanham (Spring 2011)
"Lessons in Sobriety: An Exploratory Study of a Recovery High School and Its Graduates"
Senior Lecturer, Sociology, School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Michelle Wurtz Penton (Spring 2011)
"Recording a Vanishing History: Three-Dimensional Scanning of Petroglyphs at Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada"
Versar, Inc.
Professor: Carlos Aiken

Rahma Abdulkadir (Spring 2011)
"Gender, Transitional Justice and Failed Statehood: Can the Somali Traditional Customary Law be the Basis for Viable and Inclusive Mechanism(s) of Transitional Justice for Somalia?"
Assistant Professor, Social and Cultural Studies Program, Social Sciences School, New York University-Abu Dhabi
Professor: Marianne C. Stewart

Joshua A. Harms (Spring 2011)
"The War on Terror and Legal Change: Exploring Offenders Who Provide Material Support to Terrorists"
Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice, Middle Tennessee State
Professor: James W. Marquart

Christine Piet DeLaTorre (Spring 2011)
"An Implementation Analysis of Threat Assessment Policies in Public Universities and Community Colleges in Central Texas: A Post Virginia Tech Incident Assessment"
Professor, Business Administration, Collin College - Texas
Professor: Donald R. Arbuckle

Eric S. Metcalf (Spring 2011)
"The Impact of Media on the Timelines and Efficiency of Organizational Communication: Testing Information Richness Theory with Agent-Based Models"
Director of Imormation Services, Sherriff's Department Fort Worth - Texas
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Randolph C. Moravec (Spring 2011)
"The Leadership Attributes of Finance Directors of Texas Cities"
Finance Director, City of Addison - Texas
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Todd R. Gabel (Spring 2011)
"The Economics of Welfare Participation in Canada"
Professor: Nathan Berg

Oksana Zhuk (Spring 2011)
"Advertising Effects of Beer Consumption Among Young Adults with a Consideration of the Welfare Effects of Advertising in the Presence of Search Costs and Negative Externaliti"
Professor: Barry J. Seldon

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Olayemi M. Olabiyi (Fall 2010)
"Essays on HIV/Aids and Development Finance in Sub-Saharan Africa"
Professor: Sheila Amin Gutierrez de Pineres

Gene A. Feighny (Fall 2010)
"A Predictive Terrestrial Clutter Model for Ground-to-Ground Automated Target Detection Applications"
Senior Principal Engineer at Raytheon
Professor: Denis J. Dean

Melissa J. Rura (Fall 2010)
"Eigenvector Spatial Filtering for Image Analysis: An Efficient Algorithm"
Book Review Editor of Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing
Professor: Denis J. Dean

Caiyun Zhang (Fall 2010)
"Urban Forest Inventory Using Airborne Lidar Data and Hyperspectral Imagery"
Assistant Professor, GIS, Florida Atlantic University
Professor: Fang Qiu

Masaki Nakamoto (Fall 2010)
"Policy Towards Foreign Direct Investment: Domestic Political and Institutional Determinants Across Middle Income Countries"
Garland Independent School District - Texas
Professor: Robert C. Lowry

Jason Cooley (Fall 2010)
"Career Paths of Black City Managers: A Survey of Black City Managers in Texas and the Conflict between Professional and Community Norms"
City of McKinney - Texas
Professor: Richard Scotch

Jean MacDonald (Fall 2010)
"Executive Communications-Issue Framing and Agenda Setting: Presidential Inaugural Speeches and State of the Union Addresses, Washington to Lincoln"
Adjunct Professor, College of Business, University of Oklahoma - Edmond
Professor: Euel Elliott

Ozge Eryuksel Ozden (Fall 2010)
"Three Essays on the Effects of Mergers: Wage Incentives and Prices"
JPMorgan Chase
Professor: Barry J. Seldon

Yufei Ren (Fall 2010)
"Biased Decisions: Three Essays on Decision Making"
Visiting Professor, Union College
Professors: Rachel T.A. Croson & Sherry Li

Iyabode Ayodeji Ajiboye (Summer 2010)
"International Technology Transfer to Less Developed Countries, Firm Characteristics and Domestic Investment Climate: A Mimic Model"
Professor: Lloyd J. Dumas

Mohamed El-Komi (Summer 2010)
"Poverty: Alleviation through Microfinance and Implications on Education"
Economics and Finance, Durham University - England
Professor: Rachel Croson

Yu Xue (Summer 2010)
"An Empirical Investigation of Occupational Choice and Human Capital Accumulation at Mid-Life"
Research Scientist, Texas Schools Project, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Paul Jargowsky

Mukul Sharma (Summer 2010)
"Participation and E-Government in Comparative Perspective"
Professor: Marianne C. Stewart

Metta Alsobrook (Summer 2010)
"Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes in a University Setting: The Case of The University of Texas at Dallas"
The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Euel Elliott

Metin Arslan (Summer 2010)
"The Effects of Community Policing on Crime and Crime Clearance Rates in Texas"
Turkish National Police
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Richard Baldwin (Summer 2010)
"Timber Industry-Based Communities in Crisis: Leadership Collaboration and Response-Research Findings from Seven Western Oregon Counties"
OC Investments
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Halil Baltaci (Summer 2010)
"Crime Analysis: An Empirical Analysis of its Effectiveness as a Crime Fighting Tool"
Turkish National Police
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Christopher Bartels (Summer 2010)
"Examining the Impact of Performance Measurement and Risk Assessment in Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex"
US Internal Revenue Service
Professor: Jeremy Hall

Jonathan Caudill (Summer 2010)
"Social Control at the Margins: Utility of Black's Theory of Law in Policing Gang Affiliates"
California State University - Chico
Professor: James Marquart

Momodu Omamegbe (Summer 2010)
"African Brain Drain: A Narrative Inquiry on Human Capital Flight from Sub Saharan Africa to the United States"
FMC Financial Services
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Gerel Oyun (Summer 2010)
"Fiscal Federalism, Interstate Spillovers and Public Spending on Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services"
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Yavuz Ozbaran (Summer 2010)
"The Relationship Between Turkish Traffic Enforcement Officers' Job Satisfaction and Officers' Perception of Their Leaders' Leadership Styles"
Turkish National Police
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Rodney Patten (Summer 2010)
"J. Texas Council-Manager Municipalities: Is DeFacto Separation of Powers Created by City Attorneys?"
City of Plano - Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Ugur Sen (Summer 2010)
"Social Capital and Trust: The Relationship between Social Capital Factors and Trust in the Police in the United States"
Turkish National Police
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Tara Colleen Larson Brown (Summer 2010)
"Strategic Ignorance in the Lab and in the Field"
Visiting Assistant Professor, Economics, The University of Texas at Arlington
Professor: Catherine Eckel

Adam Guerrero (Spring 2010)
"The Determinants of College Student Retention"
Chair/Associate Professor, Economics, Northwood University
Professor: Paul Jargowsky

Seokmin Kang (Spring 2010)
"Foreign Direct Investment by U.S. MNCS: Economic, Political, Demographic Determinants"
South Korea
Professor: Lloyd J. Dumas

Sarah Scott (Spring 2010)
"Why Participate? The Determinants of Participation in the Texas Voluntary Cleanup Program in Dallas"
Commerce Department - Washington, DC
Professor: James C. Murdoch

Yimin Ye (Spring 2010)
"FDI and Economic Growth in China"
Professor: Lloyd J. Dumas

Donald Jeffrey Keyser (Spring 2010)
"Innovation, Development Dynamics and Market Exclusivity in the U.S. Drug Industry, 1994-2006"
CEO/Founder, ZSPharma Inc.
Professor: Donald A. Hicks

Alexandra Friedman (Spring 2010)
"Can We Change Corruption from the Outside In? An Assessment of Three Anti-Corruption International Treaties"
Washington, DC
Professor: Jennifer S. Holmes

Michael Greenberg (Spring 2010)
"A Game of Millions: Professional Sports Facilities and the Media's Influence on the Agenda Setting Process"
Director, Project Management Organization, RealPage, Inc.
Professor: Patrick Brandt

Richard Laird (Spring 2010)
"Transboundary Watersheds: Political Obstacles to Basin-Wide Cooperation Between States"
Private Tutor - New Jersey
Professor: Clint Peinhardt

Narcisse Tiky (Spring 2010)
"The Causes of Corruption: Explaining the High Levels of Corruption in Developing Countries"
The University of Connecticut
Professor: Marianne C. Stewart

Shawn Williams (Spring 2010)
"Examinations of the Impact of Forward Thinking Institutions on Political Outcomes"
Campbellsville University - Kentucky
Professor: Marianne C. Stewart

Mohammed Awad (Spring 2010)
"Volunteerism in Non-Profit Sector - A Case Study of Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the West Bank"
Alquds Open University - Palestine
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Ishak Celik (Spring 2010)
"Environmental, Organizational and Individual Determinants of Crime Analysts' Problem-Solving Capacities: A Contingency Approach"
Turkish National Police
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

DeLawnia Comer-Hagans (Spring 2010)
"Disparities in Dilated Eye Exams Among Adults with Diabetes: An Intersectional Approach"
Richland Community College - Texas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Samuel Crouse (Spring 2010)
"The Nature of the Federal Aviation Administration State Block Grant Program in Texas: Redistributive or Distributive According to Lowi's Theory?"
Consultant, EM Solutions - Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Martinella Dryburgh (Spring 2010)
"Public Virtue, Cyber-Vice: Rethinking Public Service Ethics in the Age of the Internet"
Carrollton, Texas
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Kurt Hall (Spring 2010)
"The Effect of Computer-Based Simulation Training on Fire Ground Incident Commander Decision Making"
Fire Department, City of Allen - Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Susan Hergenrader (Spring 2010)
"An Experimental Study of the Effect of Addressing Non-Conscious Factors in Ethical Decision Making During Ethics Training in Public Administration"
City of Plano - Texas
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Jo Ann Hughes (Spring 2010)
"A Case Study of the Implementation of the Reading First Grant in the Dallas Independent School District"
Dallas Independent School District - Texas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Sunim Jung (Spring 2010)
"Appointed Officials and Elected Officials in South Korea Municipalities"
National Assembly - South Korea
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Brenda Kihl (Spring 2010)
"Meeting Public Expectations Through Networks: The Collaborative Advantage of a Multi-Institutional Teaching Center"
Collin College - Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Yasin Kose (Spring 2010)
"Social (DIS)Organization and Organized Crime in Turkey"
Turkish National Police
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

David Mark Scott (Spring 2010)
"Assessing the Law Enforcement Labor Shortage and Its Effect on Police Officer Misconduct in the State of Texas"
City of Longview - Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Hong Chao (Spring 2010)
"Three Essays on Team Incentive Contracts in the Presence of Synergy"
Assistant Professor, Economics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University/Antai College of Economics & Management - CHINA
Professor: Kevin Siqueira

Giang T. Ngo (Spring 2010)
"Endogenous Growth Theory in Motion: Emergence and Development Dynamics in the U.S. Biotechnology Sector"
Database Management, Modeling and Analytics
Professor: Donald A. Hicks

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Sai Loganathan (Fall 2009)
"Diffusion of Incremental Medical Innovations: The Case of Drug-Eluting Stents"
Policy Analyst at Health Quality Strategies Inc., - New York
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Yavuz Akalin (Fall 2009)
"Essays on the Role of International Institutions in Political Stability and Democracy"
Business Administration, Arizona State University
Professor: Harold Clarke

Matthew Openshaw (Fall 2009)
"The Health Impact of Limited Armed Conflict: Individual-Level Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa"
Information Service Coordinator, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Marie I. Chevrier

Osvaldo Tello Rodriguez (Fall 2009)
"Globalization and Democracy in Latin America"
Chief of Staff, Economic Committee of the Mexican Congress
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Yan Li (Fall 2009)
"An Automated System for Image-to-Vector Georeferencing"
Lead Application Analyst at Pioneer Natural Resources
Professor: Ronald Briggs

Lishan Teddy Desta (Fall 2009)
"Determinants of Military Expenditure: The Case of the Post-Cold War Years"
Frito Lay - Texas
Professor: Clint Peinhardt

Thomas Browning (Fall 2009)
"Three-Share Health Care Plans: One Local-Level Response to Meeting the Needs of the Uninsured"
Office of the Inspector General Federal HHS Dallas - Texas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Sartaj Chanchal (Fall 2009)
"Exploring "Workplace Spirituality" as a Concept of Value for the Contemporary Practice of Public Administration"
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Ramon Delgado (Fall 2009)
"Leadership Behaviors of School Principals in Puerto Rico: Does Transformational Leadership Equate with School Success?"
Principal, Dallas Independent School District - Texas
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Augustine Ene (Fall 2009)
"Understanding the Influence of Personal and Organizational Values on Turnover Intentions of Direct Care Employees in Mental Health and Mental Retardation Facilities: The Case of Denton State School"
Denton State School - Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Ghassan Khankarli (Fall 2009)
"The Politics of Public-Public Partnerships: The Case for Toll Roads"
Texas Department of Transportation
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Charlie Nzeakor (Fall 2009)
"How Does Competition Foster Diffusion of Innovation of Economic Development Programs in the Southwest Region"
JPMorgan Chase
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Brian Robertson (Fall 2009)
"Differences in Service Delivery and Patient Outcome between Rural and Urban Areas: The Case of Traumatic Brain Injury at a Level I Pediatric Trauma Center in North Texas"
Children's Hospital Dallas - Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Clint Shipp (Fall 2009)
"Creating the Hybrid University: Private Sources of Funding for Public Institutions of Higher Education"
The University of North Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Ronald Smith (Fall 2009)
"Historic Preservation and Decision Networks: The Collin County Courthouse (1979-2004)"
Superintendent, Parks and Recreation, City of Plano - Texas
Professor: Simon Fass

David Stephens (Fall 2009)
"The Determinants of Municipal Wireless Innovation Projects in Large U.S. Cities"
IT Director, City of Plano - Texas
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Kurt Steward II (Fall 2009)
"The Career Paths of City Managers: A Quantitative Approach for Determining the Impact of City Population on City Managers' Career Paths"
Consultant, Optimal Solutions - Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Tumubweinee Twinemanzi (Fall 2009)
"Interest Spreads and the Margin Setting Behavior of Commercial Banks: Evidence from Uganda"
Central Bank - Uganda
Professors: Chetan Dave & Nathan Berg

Teresa Nelson (Summer 2009)
"Hispanic Dropouts and Pregnancies in Texas Public High Schools"
Independent Consultant/Researcher - Texas
Professor: Nathan Berg

Kaikaus Ahmad (Summer 2009)
"Slum Growth in the Rapidly Urbanizing Developing World"
Bangladesh Government - India
Professor: Lloyd J. Dumas

Janis Schubert (Summer 2009)
"Incorporating Time and Daily Activities into an Analysis of Urban Violent Crime"
Senior Member of Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories
Professor: Daniel Griffith

Walter Casey,II (Summer 2009)
"Engendering Differences: Exploring and Testing Theories of Representation in Modern Democracies"
Texas A&M University - Texarkana
Professor: Harold Clarke

Gregory Combs (Summer 2009)
"The Power of the Texas Speaker: Maintaining Influence and Governing over a Divided House"
Adjunct Professor, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Gregory Thielemann

Thomas Allen (Summer 2009)
"Local Governments as Interest Groups: The Case of the Base Realignment and Closure Commission Process"
The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Eric Click (Summer 2009)
"The Impact of the Growth Machine on Public Financing of Professional Sports Facilities: The Case of the St. Louis Cardinals"
Polk College - Florida
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Benjamin Gaddis (Summer 2009)
"Implementing Local Economic Development Capacity Building Programs: The Case of Bulgaria"
Inspector General HHS Dallas - Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Hilla Hargis (Summer 2009)
"Not to be Overlooked: How the United States Supreme Court Shapes the Administrative State"
Collin College - Texas
Professor: Stephanie Newbold

Jessica Hickey (Summer 2009)
"The Social Identity of Hispanics/Latinos in the Senior Executive Service: Representative Bureaucracy in the Executive Branch of the Federal Government"
Medicare/Medicaid Center Dallas - Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Matthew King (Summer 2009)
"In-Prison Education and Recidivism: A Narrative Inquiry on the Impact of In-Prison Education on Former Inmates in the State of Texas"
City of Grand Prairie - Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Margaret Knight (Summer 2009)
"The Effect of Hospital Organizational Characteristics on the Occurrence and Reporting of Postoperative Complications"
The University of Tennessee
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Muthukumar Nachiappan Subbiah (Summer 2009)
"Relationship Dynamics in Public Private Partnerships and Its Impact on Outcomes: The Role of Values and Interactions"
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Osman Seyhan (Summer 2009)
"Identifying Social and Political Correlates of National Human Trafficking Scores: An Extension of Bales's Theory of Modern Slavery"
Turkish National Police
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Jacqueline Zee (Summer 2009)
"Neighborhood Decline and Residential Burglary: An Empirical Analysis Based on Code Violation Data"
Analyst, Federal Law Enforcement Agency
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Khusrav Gaibulloev (Summer 2009)
"Contributions to the Empirical Analysis of Global Collective Action"
Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, American University of Sharjah, UAE
Professor: Todd Sandler

Tammy Leonard (Summer 2009)
"Neighborhood Public Goods - Provision and Impact"
Affiliate Assistant Professor, University of Dallas
Professor: James C. Murdoch

Maria Labastida Tovar (Spring 2009)
"Essays on Policies that Influence International Factor Mobility"
Research Associate/Lecturer of Economics, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Jimmy Lynn Verner, Jr. (Spring 2009)
"A New Look at the Minimum Wage's Effect on Employment"
Attorney, Private Practice
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Kacem Ayachi (Spring 2009)
"Mass Attitudes and Support for Democracy in the Arab World: An Empirical Study of Algeria, Egypt, Jordan and Morocco"
Collin College - Texas
Professor: Marianne C. Stewart

Anca Turcu (Spring 2009)
"Different Views and Different Rights in a United Europe: Public Opinion, Minority Rights and Autonomy Movements"
The University of Central Florida
Professor: Marianne C. Stewart

Britt Berrett (Spring 2009)
"Utilizing Transformational Leadership in Hospital Strategic Planning: The Case of Medical City Dallas Hospital"
Executive Vice President, Texas Health Resources and President, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Vicki Finn (Spring 2009)
"Alternatively-Trained Versus Traditionally-Trained Teachers: The Principals' Perspective"
Dallas Independent School District - Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

N'Kenge Gibson (Spring 2009)
"Perceptions of Fairness in a Federal Pay for Performance System"
U.S. GAO Dallas - Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Rhiannon Nicole Velasquez Prisock (Spring 2009)
"A Grounded Theory Study of the Religious View Points Anti-Discrimination Act in Texas School Districts"
Director of Government Affairs, Adaptive Architecture Inc. - Texas
Professors: Douglas J. Watson & Stephanie Newbold

Shirley Rowe (Spring 2009)
"The Influence of Shootings on Change in Emergency Planning at Texas Four-Year Colleges and Universities"
Southern Methodist University - Texas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Ronald Timmons (Spring 2009)
"Sensory Overload as a Factor in Crisis Decision-Making and Communications by Emergency First Responders"
City of Plano - Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Angela DeOliveira (Spring 2009)
"Three Essays on Individual Heterogeneity in Social Preferences and Public Good Provision"
Associate Professor, The University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Professors: Catherine Eckel & Rachel Croson

Jielai Ma (Spring 2009)
"Unobservable Clusters: Diagnostic Tests and Forecasts in Dallas Housing Market"
Research Assistant Professor, Northwestern University
Professors: James C. Murdoch & Wim P.M. Vijverberg

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Honsoo Kim (Fall 2008)
"Job Mobility and Pension Participation"
Government of Ministry - South Korea
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Carlos Mendiola Amador (Fall 2008)
"Harvesting Biotechnology Ventures: Modeling the Probabilities for Alternative Liquidity Events"
Infometric Consultants Founder, Principal - Mexico
Professor: Donald A. Hicks

Bobby F. Praytor (Fall 2008)
"Water for the Metroplex: An Assessment of the Planning and Forecasting Techniques of Dallas Water Utilities"
Head, Long-Term Planning Dallas Water Utilities - Texas
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Alecia Cobb (Fall 2008)
"Assessing the Effectiveness of Disciplinary Alternative Education Programs for Secondary Students in the Dallas Independent School District"
Dallas Independent School District - Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Geraldine Kepler (Fall 2008)
"Developing Social Capital through Elite Merit Programs: The Case of Southern Methodist University"
Southern Methodist University - Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Habib Ozdemir (Fall 2008)
"Can a Police Department Utilize Organizational Learning to Improve its Capacity? A Case Study of Arlington Police Department's Manager Management"
Turkish National Police
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Zeki Pamuk (Fall 2008)
"An Analysis of Employee Self-Concepts, Hierarchical Position and Attitudes Toward Reorganization in a Federal Agency: A Self-Affirmation Approach"
Turkish National Police
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Ilker Pekgozlu (Fall 2008)
"Planned Change in a Law Enforcement Organization"
Turkish National Police
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Mark Stallo (Fall 2008)
"The Relationship between Section 8 Housing and Deterioration in Dallas Neighborhoods: A Spatial Analysis"
Dallas Police Department - Texas
Professor: Paul Tracy

Paul Dabbs (Summer 2008)
"Factors Affecting Normative Student Transitions from Elementary to Middle School"
Plano Independent School District - Texas
Professor: Kurt Beron

Kristin Kuhne (Summer 2008)
"Pre-K Effects in Texas"
Associate Director, Texas Schools Project, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Paul Jargowsky

Wei Lin (Summer 2008)
"The Impact of Federal R&D Obligations on the U.S. States' Economies"
Professor: Lloyd J. Dumas

Walter Borges (Summer 2008)
"Voter Choice in Referenda: Cues and Attitudes in Direct Democracy"
The University of North Texas - Dallas
Professor: Harold Clarke

Karabi Bezboruah (Summer 2008)
"For-Profit Organizations for Social Change: An Analysis of Philanthropic Decision-Making by North Texas Based Corporations"
The University of Texas at Arlington
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Melanie Hornsby (Summer 2008)
"Administration of Transparency: The Effects of the Public Information Act on Texas Counties"
HNTB - Texas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Vira Y. Holovchenko (Summer 2008)
"Essays in Entry into Characteristic and Geographical Spaces"
Economist/Manager, KPMG
Professors: Barry J. Seldon & Catherine Eckel

Chunbei Wang (Summer 2008)
"Self-Employment among Hispanic and Immigrant Populations"
Assistant Professor of Economics, Birmingham-Southern College
Professor: Wim Vijverberg

Jodie Foster (Spring 2008)
"Three Essays on Groundwater Depletion and Groundwater Conservation Districts in Texas"
Army Corps of Engineers - Texas
Professor: James C. Murdoch

Stephen Kiser (Spring 2008)
"Effect of Cross-Border Trade on the Texas Space-Economy"
Regional Economist, Dallas Division of Insurance and Research FDIC -Texas
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn (Spring 2008)
"Subjective Wellbeing/Life Satisfaction/Happiness: Determinants of Values at the Individual and Societal Levels"
Research Scientist, Texas Schools Project, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Billy Monroe (Spring 2008)
"Judicial Selection in Texas: A Study of Election Outcomes 1988-2004"
Assistant Professor, Political Science, Texas A&M - Prairie View
Professor: Anthony Champagne

Suzanne Rivera (Spring 2008)
"Social Inequality in Biomedical Research"
The University of Texas Southwestern
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Priyanka Singh (Spring 2008)
"Earnings Risk and Occupational Choice"
Vice President, Citibank
Professor: Wim Vijverberg

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Gian Aryani (Fall 2007)
"Bounded Rationality and Police Vehicles: The Political Economy of Law Enforcement Procurement Decisions"
Director, Research and Administration, A&L Engineering and Consulting - Texas
Professor: Kurt Beron

Justin Mausel (Fall 2007)
"Economic Growth and Convergence in the European Union: Evaluation Using a Multi-Faceted, Political Economic Approach"
US Government Accountability Office - Washington, DC
Professor: Lloyd J. Dumas

Katherine Polzer (Fall 2007)
"Issues in Punishment and Sentencing: A Multiple Venue Analysis"
Texas Christian University
Professor: Paul Tracy

Karen Jarrell (Fall 2007)
"Bureaucracy Confronts Reality: A Case Study of The University of Texas at Dallas' Response to Hurricane Katrina"
Assistant VP Financial Aid and Academic Records/Clinical Assistant Professor, Public Affairs, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Edith Krutilek (Fall 2007)
"The Struggle to Improve High School Outcomes: A Case Study of the Starting Smart Program"
Dallas Independent School District - Texas
Professor: Simon Fass

Adrian Velazquez Vazquez (Fall 2007)
"Social Exclusion in America: Informing Public Policy Through the Mexican Immigrant Experience"
The University of Illinois
Professors: Douglas J. Watson & Kimberly Kempf-Leonard

John Dimitry (Summer 2007)
"Political Affiliation and Deference Decisions in Cases Involving Federal Administrative Agency Rulemaking"
Senior Legal Counsel, DHL
Professor: Anthony Champagne

Steven Downing (Summer 2007)
"Linkages among Social Control, Crime and Deviance: A Subcultural Approach"
Institute of Technology - Canada
Professor: Bruce Jacobs

Kristine Miller (Summer 2007)
"Sexual Assault among Incarcerated Males: A Modern Perspective of a Historical Issue"
Plymouth State University - New Hampshire
Professor: James Marquart

Amparo Hakemack (Summer 2007)
"Educational Reform: Innovating for Shadow Children"
Dallas Independent School District - Texas
Professor: Simon Fass

Larry Terry II (Summer 2007)
"Administrative Reform and European Union Integration: Examining the Role of New Public Management in the Republic of Montenegro"
Long Island University - New York
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Charles Williams (Summer 2007)
"An Analysis of the Effects of Inter-Jurisdictional Information Sharing Between Federal and Local Law Enforcement Organizations on Alien Arrests in North Central Texas"
Lecturer, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Janice Francis (Spring 2007)
"Pawnbroking: Organization and Role of an Industry in Transition"
Tarrant County Community College (Ret.) - Texas
Professor: Simon Fass

Ling-Chun Hung (Spring 2007)
"Market Entry and Market Value: Linking Biotechnology Innovation to Value Creation"
Assistant Professor, Public Policy and Management, Shih-Hsin University
Professor: Donald A. Hicks

Irene Ngugi (Spring 2007)
"Evaluating Learning Outcomes in the Context of School Finance Equalization: A Study of the Robin Hood Policy in Texas"
Kenya - Africa
Professor: Wim Vijverberg

Yoonhwan Park (Spring 2007)
"The Relationship Between Suburbanization and Crime in U.S. Metropolitan Areas"
Assistant Professor, Public Administration College of Social Sciences, Kyonggi University
Professor: Paul Jargowsky

Julia So (Spring 2007)
"Commitment to School or Commitment to Work: Asian American Teenagers in Comparative Perspective"
Part-time Adjunct Professor, Sociology, Central New Mexico Community College and 2010-11 President, National Speakers Association of New Mexico.
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Fengxia Xiao (Spring 2007)
"Linking Venture - Capital Investment to New - Firm Formation"
Capital One - Texas
Professor: Donald A. Hicks

Melissa Alvarez-Montgomery (Spring 2007)
"The Impact of Medicaid Expansions of Asthmatic Children"
CMS Department of Health and Human Service, Federal Medicare/Medicaid Agency
Professors: Paul Jargowsky & Richard K. Scotch

Millie Smith (Spring 2007)
"The Effects of Race, Racial Consciousness and Income on Political Trust"
Collin College - Texas
Professor: Scott Robinson

Susan Ballabina (Spring 2007)
"Improving Organizational Effectiveness: Use of Volunteers to Deliver Public Services"
Texas A&M University
Professor: Simon Fass

Andrea Hilburn (Spring 2007)
"Parental Involvement: Does One Size Fit All? A Grandparent Study"
Dallas Independent School District - Texas
Professor: Susan McElroy

Shilpi Bihari (Spring 2007)
"Essays on the Effect of Government Intervention on the Conduct and Performance of Cigarette Firms"
Senior Economist, Amazon
Professor: Barry J. Seldon

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Kruti Dholakia (Fall 2006)
"Determinants of Birth Outcomes in Texas"
Clinical Assistant Professor, Economics, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Wim Vijverberg

Marion Busche Mcgregor-Triano (Fall 2006)
"Jurisdictional Control of Conservative Spine Care: Chiropractic Versus Medicine"
Professor/Director of Undergraduate Education, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College - Canada
Professors: Euel Elliott & L. Douglas Kiel

Deardra Hayes-Whigham (Fall 2006)
"No Homeless Child Left Behind: The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Improvement Act in Dallas"
Dallas Independent School District - Texas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Daniel Johnson (Fall 2006)
"A Study of the Effects of Test-Drive Accountability on Perceptions of Principals in the Dallas Independent School District"
Dallas Independent School District - Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Farahnaaz Khakoo (Summer 2006)
"Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: Examining the Effects of Disaggregated Official Development Assistance"
Government Accountability Office - Washington, DC
Professor: Lloyd J. Dumas

Kimberly Aaron (Summer 2006)
"Fascinating Rhythm: The Relationship between Nonprofit Performing Arts Organizations and a Municipal Performing Arts Venue"
Director/Clinical Assistant Professor, The Institute of Public Affairs, The University of Texas Dallas
Professors: Richard K. Scotch & Douglas J. Watson

Alicia Schortgen (Summer 2006)
"The Face of Donors in America: Who Gives & Why It Matters"
The University of North Texas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Pernilla Johansson (Spring 2006)
"Is There a Female-Specific Pathway to Serious Delinquency? A Partial Empirical Test of Howell's Suggested Pathway to Serious, Violent and Chronic Offending"
Manager of Research and Statistics at Dallas County Juvenile Department - Texas
Professor: Kimberly Kempf-Leonard

Mark Dobeck (Spring 2006)
"Securities Exchange Demutualization and Organizational Change Management: Impact and Implications for the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX)"
Assistant Professor, Management & Labor, Nance College of Business Administration, Cleveland State University - Ohio
Professor: Lloyd J. Dumas

Kimberly Holmes (Spring 2006)
"Voting Rights Policy Implementation, Election Format and Local Minority Political Representation in Alabama: 1965-2000"
The University of Kentucky
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Thomas Wilson (Spring 2006)
"Texas Charter Schools and Texans Who Influenced Public Policy to Achieve a Common Goal"
Pastor, Oak Cliff Community Church - Texas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

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Brandon Roberts (Fall 2005)
"Medical Malpractice: Effects of Local Litigation Disparities on Local Medical Costs and Physician Supply"
Premier Insights - Mississippi
Professor: Euel Elliott

Nicolas Valcik (Fall 2005)
"The Protection of Physical Assets in Research Universities for Biological HAZMAT: Policies, Practices and Improvements"
Associate Director, Strategic Planning and Analysis/Clinical Assistant Professor of Public Affairs, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Lawrence Redlinger

Sharon Wrobel (Summer 2005)
"The Effectiveness of Language Minority Programs in a Large Texas School District: A Longitudinal Case Study"
Assistant Professor, Public Administration, Institute of Government, University of Arkansas - Little Rock
Professor: Paul Tracy

Rui Yang (Summer 2005)
"Does Suburban Development Help Produce Economic Segregation"
Workers Compensation Research Institute - Massachusetts
Professor: Paul Jargowsky

Paul Iroghama (Summer 2005)
"Bandits or Rulers? Sources of Perceived Political Corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa"
Researcher - Nigeria
Professor: Harold Clarke

Floun'say Caver (Summer 2005)
"Policy Punctuations, City Governance Structures, & Budgetary Changes in American Cities"
Transportation System, City of Cleveland - Ohio
Professor: Larry Terry

Jeannette Oshitoye (Spring 2005)
"Racial/Ethnic Disparities in the Pharmacological Management of Pediatric Asthma Patients"
Public Health Foundation - Delaware
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Sarah Craren (Spring 2005)
"The Political Economy of Global Deforestation"
Program Analyst, Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General - Texas
Professor: Lloyd Dumas

Stephanie Martin (Spring 2005)
"Determinants of Well-Being in Inupiat and Yupiit Eskimos: Do Communities Matter?"
Assistant Professor, Economics and Public Policy, The University of Alaska
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Steven Wolfson (Spring 2005)
"Racial Profiling in Texas Department of Public Safety Motor Vehicle Searches: Race Aware or Race Benign?"
Attorney/Educator, The University of Phoenix
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

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Mark Mitchell (Fall 2004)
"Three Essays on Early Academic Achievement of Minority and Disadvantaged Students"
Deputy Director, Disaster Recovery and Specialist Issues Division Office Block Grant Assistance, Community Planning and Development, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development - Washington, DC
Professor: Irving Hoch

Kalpana Pai (Fall 2004)
"Academic Performance in Texas Schools: Micro-Econometric Models of Student Achievement"
Assistant Professor, Economics and Finance, Texas Wesleyan University
Professor: Wim Vijverberg

Sandra Core Duhe (Summer 2004)
"Capitalism, Profitability and Civil Society: The Political Economy of Corporate Reputation and Its Relationship to Firm Financial Performance"
Assistant Professor, Communication Studies, The University Louisiana - Lafayette
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Michiko Y. Hayhurst (Spring 2004)
"Official Foreign Exchange Intervention and Exchange Rate Policy in Japan 1985-2002: An Analysis of Leaning Against the Wind"
Assistant Professor, Economics, Texas Women University
Professor: Joao Ricardo Faria

Percy A. Galimbertti (Spring 2004)
"Teenage Pregnancy and School Dropouts in Texas: Effects on Earnings, High School Graduation and GED Certification"
Research Scientist, Texas A&M Health Science Center
Professor: Paul A. Jargowsky

Nicholas Shungu Katoto Lokole (Spring 2004)
"Human Capital Investments: Child Education and Economic and Cultural Incentives and Constraints in Cote D'Ivoire"
Professor: Wim P.M. Vijverberg

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Devon Michael Herrick (Summer 2003)
"The Internet and Non-Profit Disease Advocacy: An Empirical Analysis"
The National Center for Policy Analysis
Professor: Barry J. Seldon

Curtis Alan Whitehead (Summer 2003)
"A Survival Analysis of the Correlates of Juvenile Recidivism"
Dallas Independent School District - Texas
Professor: Paul Tracy

Clenton G. Winford II (Summer 2003)
"The Academic Outcomes of Visually Impaired Public School Students in Texas"
Ministry Lighthouse Worship Center - Texas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Timothy Francis McDonough (Spring 2003)
"Modeling Broadband Deployment Controlling for Spatial Dependencies"
Director/Partner, Marketing Science, J.W. Thompson, Inc.
Professor: Donald A. Hicks

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L. Shane Hall (Fall 2002)
"Design and Implementation of School Choice Policy: A Study of Texas Charter Schools"
Dallas Independent School District - Texas
Professor: Gregory Thielemann

Jeong-Dia Kim (Fall 2002)
"The Environmental Effect of the North American Foreign Trade Agreement"
Energy Consultant, Dallas - Texas
Professors: Kurt J. Beron & Barry J. Seldon

Apichart Prasert (Summer 2002)
"Political Business Cycles, Government Fiscal Policy and Macroeconomic Performance: A Case Study of Thailand"
Professors: Euel Elliott & Sheila Amin de Pineres

John Robert Greer (Summer 2002)
"Equity in the Spatial Distribution of Municipal Services: How to Operationalize the Concepts and Institutionalize a Program"
Consultant, City Planning, Dallas -Texas
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Yeonwoo Lee (Spring 2002)
"Schumpeterian Dynamics and Metropolitan-Scale Productivity"
Director of e-Government Planning Team/e-Government Promotion Division, National Computerization Agency NCA
Professor: Donald A. Hicks

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Donald Reeves Dixon (Fall 2001)
"An Analysis of the Social Ecology of Violent Juvenile Crime"
Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice, California State University - Sacramento
Professor: Paul Tracy

April Michelle Barclay (Fall 2001)
"The Effects of Managed Care on the Utilization of Mental Health Services"
Instructor, The University of North Texas - Denton
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Patricia Huesca Dorantes (Fall 2001)
"The Emergence of Multiparty Competition in Mexican Politics"
Policy Analyst, City of Richardson - Texas
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

James R. Owen (Fall 2001)
"Currency Devaluation and Emerging Economy Export Demand"
Director, Bureau of Business and Government Research, Midwest State University
Professors: Sheila Amin de Pineres & Brian J.L. Berry

Mohammed Abdur Rab (Fall 2001)
"Household Energy Demand in South Asia: An Approach Towards Discrete/Continuous Models"
Professor: Wim Vijverberg

Alejandro Rostran (Summer 2001)
"An Inquiry into the Rationale for a Second Inter-Oceanic Canal in Central America"
President, The Republic Institute - Nicaragua
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

SongJune Kim (Summer 2001)
"Three Essays on Cigarette Consumption and Government Policy: A Comprehensive Analysis of Economics and Political Economy"
Professor, Public Administration, Kyungpook National University - Korea
Professor: Barry J. Seldon

EunMi Kim (Spring 2001)
"The U.S. Export Administration Act: Rationale and Role"
Assistant Professor, Economics, Cheonbuk National University - Korea
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Rodolfo Hernandez Guerrero (Spring 2001)
"The Demographic Transition in Costa Rica and Venezuela"
Head, Office of International Education and Center of Mexican-American Studies, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Jennifer W. Kahende (Spring 2001)
"HIV/Aids and Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa"
Center for Disease Control - Georgia
Professors: Irving Hoch & Richard K. Scotch

Daniel Clifford Oney (Spring 2001)
"Benefit Cost Analysis in Environmental Protection Agency Rule Making"
Information Manager/Research Office of Economic Development, City of Dallas - Texas
Professor: Simon M. Fass

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Roxane Martha DeLaurell (Fall 2000)
"Globalization of Regulation: The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods"
Associate Professor, Business and Economics, College of Charleston - South Carolina
Professor: Barry J. Seldon

Thomas Nelson Tunstall (Fall 2000)
"Firm Governance Mechanisms: An Empirical Analysis of the Determinants of Information Technology Outsourcing"
ACS - Advisory Liaison
Professors: Euel Elliott & Donald A. Hicks

Yaw Baah Hanson (Summer 2000)
"Air Quality Valuation from Hedonic Models: Applications of Recent Estimation Techniques"
Managing Consultant, YBH Consultants - Virginia
Professors: James C. Murdoch & Luc Anselin

Morris Aaron Stein (Summer 2000)
"The Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas A Case Study in New Institutional Theory"
Consultant/Directs Several Small Family Foundations (Ret.) - Texas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Stuart Thomas MacDonald (Summer 2000)
"An Analysis of the Efficacy of the Texas and Oklahoma Unitization Statutes"
Assistant Professor, Finance, The University of Oklahoma
Professor: Barry J Seldon

Ding-Ming Wang (Summer 2000)
"Vote Selling Regimes and Electoral Behavior: (A Case Study of 1996 Taiwan Presidential Election)"
Associate Professor, Political Science, National Taiwan Unviersity
Professor: Paul Tracy

Linda M. Loubert (Spring 2000)
"The Political Economy of Public School Finance"
Research Associate, Institute for Urban Research, Morgan State University - Maryland
Professor: James C. Murdoch

Matthew John Ramseyer (Spring 2000)
"Financing Higher Education in the 1990's: The Case of the South Texas Border Initiative"
Associate Professor, Economics, Collin College, Advisor for Collin Association for Sustainable Efforts (CASE) - Texas
Professor: Lawrence J. Redlinger

Mark William Frank (Spring 2000)
"The Impact of Rate-of-Return Regulation on Technological Innovation"
Associate Professor, Economics and International Business, Sam Houston State University - Texas
Professor: Barry J. Seldon

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Nancy H. Juhn (Summer 1999)
"Differential Impact of Housing Size Class on Housing Sale Prices Dallas County 1980-1996"
Senior Lecturer I, Behavioral & Brain Sciences, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Irving Hoch

Daniel Michael O'Brien (Summer 1999)
"Three Essays on Early Academic Achievement of Minority and Disadvantaged Students"
Director, Texas Schools Project, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: John F. Kain

Kristine Ann Lykens (Summer 1999)
"Child Health Status in the United States and Medicaid Expansions 1986-1990"
Associate Professor, Public Health, The University of North Texas Health Science Center
Professor: Paul A. Jargowsky

Hyo C. Park (Spring 1999)
"Economic and Sociological Determinants of Migration"
Professor: Wim P.M. Vijverberg

Vinod B. Sutaria (Spring 1999)
"The Dynamics of New Firm Formation: The Case of the Texas Manufacturing Sector, 1976-1991"
Market Analysis Manager/Vice President JPMorgan Chase
Professor: Donald A. Hicks

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