Abigail Durden

Hometown: North Richland Hills, Texas

Major: Economics
Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2017

UT Dallas Achievements & Activities

I was elected to the Dean's Council 2015-2016, I've made the Dean's List once, I've participated in Alternative Spring Break and I maintain a plot in the community garden. Additionally, I am an officer in the swing dancing club on campus, Comet Swing Society, and the Methodist group on campus, Synergy Wesley.

Deciding on Majors

I read Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell in high school, and I was hooked.

My EPPS Success

I consider perseverance and a good network of fellow students my key to success. Find study partners, and ask if you need help!

Plans for the future

I plan to attend graduate school in the field of agricultural economics.

Advice to Prospective EPPS Students

Economics involves more math than you might think. Be sure to stay on top of your math classes, and it's my advice to even take a few extra math courses to stay ahead of the game. Find a friend who is double majoring in econ and finance - and keep in touch. They'll be super cool to know later! Talk to your professors and don't be afraid to feel inadequate. You don't have to study abroad, make a 4.0, or be involved in ten different things to be a successful person. Find your passion, pursue it, and don't worry if it doesn't fit into your degree plan. Talk to Dr. Arce and he'll help you figure that part out!

Other Interests

Ministry, gardening, nutrition and environmental education, volunteering, and cooking!