Addison Larson

"Make sure you take the time to identify your goals, plan out the steps to reach those goals, and reflect occasionally on the steps you have taken."

Hometown: Midland, Texas

Degree: BS in International Political Economy, University of Texas at Dallas
Current Major: MS in Geospatial Information Sciences
Expected Graduation Date: May 2018

UT Dallas Achievements & Activities

  • Supplemental Instruction Leader and Tutor, Statistics
  • Critical Language Scholarship
  • Boren Scholarship
  • Dean's List
  • Secretary of the College Panhellenic Council
  • Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority Member
  • Collegium V
  • Golden Key

Deciding on GIS

I had never heard of GIS before my junior year at UT Dallas, when I was required to take an introductory course as a part of my undergraduate major. Within weeks of starting my first class, I was hooked. GIS combines my love for data analysis and background in the visual arts with real-world applications to my dream of working in urban planning and policy.

My EPPS Success

I owe nearly all of my success at EPPS to the school's faculty. Throughout my time at UT Dallas, my professors have encouraged me to make new connections in my research by working across disciplines. My previous work has blended research in statistics, GIS, political science, sociology, and criminology: this was possible only because of the many professors who generously volunteered their time and advice.

Plans for the Future

Ultimately, I hope to use my GIS and statistics background to analyze urban policy implementation over space and time. I am seriously considering PhD programs in public policy or urban planning.

Advice to Prospective EPPS Students

Never be afraid to visit a professor during office hours if you are curious about a topic covered in lecture or need clarification of a concept beyond the textbook and class content. Your professors are great sources of information, and those short conversations can eventually turn into valuable academic relationships that last throughout your college career. I have personally had much more success in the courses where I made sure to visit with and learn from my professors.

Make sure you take the time to identify your goals, plan out the steps to reach those goals, and reflect occasionally on the steps you have taken. Your goals can instill a sense of purpose and relevance to your college career. If you take charge of your experiences and personal standards, your time at UT Dallas will be positive and successful.

Other Interests

I love golf, backcountry skiing, landscape photography and backpacking. During my free time in Dallas, I enjoy watching the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, as well as exploring and photographing various neighborhoods in the Metroplex.