Archie Dean Nettles, Jr

Hometown: Beaumont, Texas

Degree: Bachelor in Public Affairs, University of Texas at Dallas (2011)
Current Academic Pursuit: Master in Public Administration
Expected Graduation Date: Fall 2018

Why did you decide on a degree in Public Affairs?

Obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Public Affairs at UT Dallas provided me with a foundation for understanding how the public sector operates on a local, state and federal level. I decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Affairs to expand my knowledge to position myself for management opportunities in the future. I am very active within my community and I also plan to leverage an MPA to improve the community in which I live and serve.

What do you like about your Program at UT Dallas?

I enjoy learning about public management and government budgeting. I am fascinated with how organizations and public agencies operate to ensure services are being render to citizens. Additionally, I enjoy meeting other students interested in public service and interacting with experienced faculty members, who bring real world experiences and expertise to the classroom.

Plans for the Future

I plan to use my MPA training to position me for management opportunities within local, state or federal agencies. I have also considered running for public office in the future.

Advice to Prospective EPPS Students

Enjoy your time at UT Dallas and as an EPPS student. I would also encourage other prospective students to conduct informational interviews with other professionals within your area of interest and learn about their journey in public service. Build your network before you need it by attending professional events, meeting professors and taking advantage of events being hosted by the university and school that align with your career goals.


I enjoy volunteering within my community, reading and traveling. I also love serving, learning, experiencing other cultures and spending time with family and friends.