Christina Lanier

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Major: B.S. in Economics, minor in Political Science
Expected Graduation Date: May 2018

UT Dallas Achievements & Activities

  • National Merit Scholar
  • Pre-Law Education Scholar
  • Legal Education Scholar
  • John Marshall Pre-Law Society Secretary
  • Member of a nationally ranked Mediation team
  • Member of a regionally ranked Mock Trial team
  • EPPS blogger
  • UTD Community Garden

Deciding on Economics

While many see the field as simply a way to understand the way markets work, economics is certainly much more than that. I chose to pursue a degree in economics because I find value in being able to understand the reasons why we make the decisions we make everyday. I think being able to understand those decisions give the onlooker a more informed perspective on another individual. When it comes to the legal field, I think this will allow me to better understand the incentives behind other’s legal choices- whether that may be signing a specific contract to committing a certain crime.

My EPPS Success

Trying anything and everything, and putting my best effort into anything I do. I didn't know anything about the law before I came to UT Dallas. I didn't even know I wanted to be a lawyer. But I jumped out of my comfort zone and tried things I wouldn’t have normally done: Mock Trial, Mediation, interning for a law firm. I put a lot of time into these things and it has paid off!

Plans for the Future

I plan to go to law school, most definitely. But I have a lot more time and a lot more researching to do before I settle down on what area of law I want to practice.

Advice to Prospective EPPS Students

Don't sell yourself short with the college experience. College is the time to figure out what you're meant to do. So try anything and everything. Take classes that you wouldn't normally consider, join clubs or activities that you’ve never done before. Talk with professors whose classes interest you- get their perspective. You hear that all the time, but it really is the truth. You’ll learn so much more!

Other Interests

I'm vegan, so I have learned to love improvisation with cooking. I also enjoy playing with my rambunctious dog, gardening, and hiking (when it's not 100 degrees outside).