Erblin Hoxha

Hometown: Pristina, Kosovo

Major: International Political Economy
Expected Graduation Date: May, 2017

Deciding on Majors

I was always interested in development policies. Politics and economics are the foundations of a working society. The International Political Economy program has allowed me to study closely, both aspects that I am very interested in. How politics and economy work together and how one impacts the other. As the world has become smaller due to globalization, International Political Economy offers the best approach to understanding these relations.

My EPPS Success

I consider that the key to my success is studying issues that I can relate to my country. Enjoying classes knowing that what I’m studying can make a difference to my future plans regarding my country’s development.

Plans for the future

My future will be in my home country, Kosovo. I plan to go back to Kosovo and do my best to help Kosovo develop by being active in governmental institutions and give my contribution in policy-making for a better economic/political development of Kosovo.

Advice to Prospective EPPS Students

Participate! Don’t be afraid to ask more questions. Be engaged in classes where there are not a lot of students and you can actually confront ideas and have a very healthy discussion. Take advantage of the small student classes where you get to know your classmates as you might have multiple classes together.

Other Interests

Different sports like soccer, swimming, table tennis as well as meeting new people and hanging out. Reading about today’s politics and staying up-to-date on recent developments.