Jiwon Suh

Hometown: Seoul, Korea

Degree: BA in Statistics and Computer Science
(Seoul, Korea)
MBA in Marketing (Seoul, Korea)
Current Academic Pursuit: PhD in Public Affairs -
Nonprofit Management
Expected Graduation Date: May 2018

Why did you decide on a PhD in Public Affairs?

In 2009, I moved to the nonprofit sector after working at the for-profit sector for ten years because I wanted to dedicate myself to disadvantaged people. In fact, the rapid growth of the nonprofit organizations (NPOs) in Korea over the past decade has been remarkable, and World Vision Korea where I worked became the 4th largest office in the world by revenue. However, external environment threats and internal problems have been hindering nonprofit organizations from achieving their missions. Specifically, lack of systematic support and leadership capacity are at the center of the internal problems, with nonprofits relying only upon experience and intuition in their decision-making. Furthermore, I recognized that we still know little about nonprofit management. For these reasons, I took the decision to continue my doctoral studies, so I joined the Ph.D. program in Public Affairs at UT Dallas.

What do you like about your Program at UT Dallas?

What I like the most about the Public and Nonprofit Management program is all the support from our faculty. Professors’ genuine enthusiasm, vast knowledge, and academic curiosity have been inspiring me tremendously. On top of that, they always encourage students and have an open office door as well as an open mind for conversation.

Achievements and Experiences

Among several academic achievements, one of most exciting experiences was my trip to the APPAM international conference in London, U.K. I had an excellent time by networking with a variety of people from different countries and also sightseeing in London! I deeply appreciate all the encouragement and support from faculty who made these opportunities available to me.

Plans for the Future

I would be very happy to stay in academia after I graduate. First, I can seek answers to my research questions by conducting research on public and nonprofit management. Next, while teaching a course in the last semester, I came to realize that I love interacting with students and teaching them. Lastly, I want to help nonprofits with my knowledge in the long run.

Advice to Prospective EPPS Students

I would love to advise to prospective EPPS students that making a network with faculty and other students is their lifetime asset.


I enjoy watching movies and listening to music during the semester. I am also a fan of snowbboarding that's why I try to stay near ski resorts as long as possible in the winter season.