Political Science Degrees

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— Blake Eaton

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Why should I major in Political Science?


  • Widely applicable training, including analytical skills, critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and research and writing skills.
  • Insight into how politics affects a host of other areas including business, policymaking, and law.
  • Ability to research complex problems and communicate results of research to a professional audience.


  • Government agencies, think tanks, and many nonprofit, labor, and social organizations rely on political scientists to manage complicated legal and regulatory issues and policies.
  • Pursue jobs in politics: political campaigns, political and civic organizations, lobbying firms, advocacy organizations – as campaign consultants, lobbyists, legislative staffers, etc.
  • Preparation for further training in business or law, in addition to graduate work in political science and public policy.

Job Outlook & Average Earnings

  • Employment of political scientists is projected to grow 21 percent from 2012 to 2022, faster than the average for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • According to the 2010-2012 American Community Survey, average pay for recent political science graduates is the same as recent graduates of marketing, microbiology, and business administration!

BA – Political Science

The bachelor of arts in political science provides students with the substantive and analytical skills necessary to study interesting and important questions about how citizens influence what government does, the responsibilities and effectiveness of government, and the consequences of what public institutions and officials do for individual and community well-being.

Coursework in American government, international relations, law, political behavior, political economy, political institutions, political theory, and public policy provides the foundations for more advanced study and is the core knowledge needed for a professional education in law and public policy. Skills learned are useful for careers in business, education, government, and public service.

MA – Political Science

The master of arts in political science degree offers advanced instruction in the social science literature and theories of politics, citizenship and governance. The program is designed for talented students who are ultimately interested in the PhD program or who would like to "fast track" through the undergraduate program and spend an additional year to obtain their master's degree.

MA – Political Science, Constitutional Law Studies

The master of arts in political science — constitutional law studies degree provides students with the reasoning and analytic skills necessary to understand the technical rules of law, legal practices and policies, as well as an ability to comprehend law as a social phenomenon. It serves the interests and needs of students who want an intellectually rigorous legal education as preparation for law school, are interested in more advanced graduate learning, or are attracted to law-related careers in teaching, journalism, government, policy-making, or the private sector.

MA – Political Science, Legislative Studies

The master of arts in political science - legislative studies degree offers pre-professional instruction for students interested in positions as legislative staff, political consultants, or other careers in professional politics. Student learning moves beyond the standard coursework in American and Texas government and politics by advancing knowledge of legislative processes and the role that legislatures play at the local, state, and national levels of government.

Graduates possess the communication, research and project management skills that are necessary for undertaking policy or political analysis in legislative and/or public affairs offices of the state of Texas and elsewhere.

PhD – Political Science

The PhD in political science degree provides a rigorous, sharply focused program with strong multidisciplinary links. It consists of innovative, state-of-the-science graduate education in political methodology and the fields of democratization, globalization and international relations. It also focuses on political and government institutions and processes, decision-making and public management.

Through the program, students acquire basic research skills and tools that enable them to work on research projects as they further develop instructional and presentation skills and interact with highly regarded scholars and practitioners. Graduates are prepared for analytical and administrative positions and responsibilities in academe, private firms, government, and other organizations.