Degrees in EPPS

“Through degrees offering rigorous coursework, thoughtful discourse, and innovative teaching, EPPS is preparing a new generation of leaders to tackle complex issues in government, nonprofits, and a wide spectrum of business and academic areas.”
― Dr. Sarah Maxwell


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Applied Sociology    MS  
Criminology  BA  MS  PHD
Economics  BA, BS  MS  PHD
Geospatial Information Sciences  BS  MS  PHD
International Political Economy  BA, BS  MS, Dual Degrees MS  
Political Science  BA  MA  PHD
Political Science - Constitutional Law Studies    MA  
Political Science - Legislative Studies    MA  
Public Affairs  BS  MPA  PHD
Public Policy  BS  MPP  
Public Policy and Political Economy      PHD
Social Data Analytics and Research    MS  
Sociology  BA    

Graduate Certificates

Economic & Demographic Data Analysis
Geographic Information Systems
Geospatial Intelligence
Local Government Management
Nonprofit Management
Program Evaluation
Remote Sensing


Geospatial Information Sciences
International Political Economy
Political Science
Public Affairs
Public Health
Public Policy
Science, Technology, and Policy