EPPS Learning Community

The goal of the learning community is to foster a collaborative, social, academically focused program for EPPS students – specifically students that do not live on campus, transfer students, and students that may want to get to know other students in related fields of study.

What is it?

A two semester non-residential cohort of political science, criminology, sociology, economics, public affairs, public policy, geospatial information sciences, and international political economy students.

You will take two courses in the fall semester – one is a major required course for all EPPS students and the other is a one credit hour upper elective course designed to allow you to explore the EPPS field more in depth related to your academic interests:

EPPS 2302 "Methods of Quantitative Analysis in the Social and Policy Sciences" (section 001: TR 2:30-3:45)

UNIV 4V96 "Special Topics – EPPS in Action" (section 001: T 4 – 4:50) – a special topics course designed to connect you with other major related students, EPPS faculty and staff, and explore your learning interests within the EPPS field.

In the spring semester, you will take the other major core required EPPS course:

EPPS 2301 "Research Design in the Social and Policy Sciences"

Who is it for?

This program is meant to allow non-residential EPPS students an opportunity to connect academically and socially with other students in related fields of study.


You must have completed:

  • Minimum of 29 college credit hours
  • College Algebra with a grade of “C” or better

How to join the learning community?

Contact Amanda Montgomery
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (972) 883-2702
In Person: MC1.312 - basement of McDermott Library