“In less than two years, EPPS has sent me to Washington, D.C., for the best semester of my life thus far, equipped me with a superb political science education, provided incredible relationships with leading scholars and transitioned me from junior college to being admitted to law school in two years."
― Zach Fichtenbaum

Choosing a university and an area of study can be a monumental decision. The School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences (EPPS) at UT Dallas offers an opportunity for students to learn from knowledgeable and inspirational faculty, interact with peers who have a similar motivation to succeed, and find support through faculty, staff and university organizations.

Below are some of the many reasons students have chosen to pursue degrees within the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences:

EPPS Culture

The School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences offers an environment that engages students in academic excellence while, at the same time, providing a friendly atmosphere of support and encouragement. Students come from varied backgrounds and stages of life, and this diversity leads to a greater understanding of other outlooks and perspectives.

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Outstanding Faculty & Staff

"I'm not sure how EPPS manages to do it, but it occurs to me that they recruit some of the most renowned scholars and academics in their respective fields . . . yet the professors are down to earth, will quickly learn your name, and are eager to support students in and out of the classroom," said Zach Fichtenbaum, an EPPS student.

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Career Opportunities

Job growth is on the rise in both public and non-profit sectors. A degree from one of our seven programs will equip you with the skills needed to secure a career in which you have a positive impact on the world around you.

The UT Dallas Career Center works with students as they prepare to enter the workforce, providing guidance, workshops and employment opportunities.

EPPS graduates work for a wide variety of public and private entities, including the U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Department of Commerce, Federal Bureau of Investigation, World Bank, National Center for Policy Analysis, International Trade Center, many branches of law enforcement and city management, as well as private corporations.

Location & Facilities

Located in Richardson, Texas, a northern suburb of Dallas, UT Dallas is situated within a dynamic metropolitan area and near to all you'd expect to find in one of the country's largest cities. Its sprawling campus, including academic buildings, student housing, sports facilities and more, is situated on more than 500 acres, with convenient transportation options on campus and within connecting neighborhoods.


UT Dallas has a rich history of providing education and research vital to the success of businesses, industries and public sector entities. Founded in 1969, as a result of the work of Eugene McDermott, Cecil Green and J. Erik Jonsson, founders of Texas Instruments, UT Dallas continues to grow in student population, diversity, facilities and reputation. Learn more about UT Dallas history.