Public and Nonprofit Management (PNM)

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"...public service is a stimulating, proud, and lively enterprise. It is not just a way of life, it is a way to live fully." — Lee H. Hamilton

About Us

The Public and Nonprofit Management program (PNM) at UT Dallas offers bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees as well as two graduate certificates that prepare students for careers in public service. The program emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to education and equips students with management skills, policy analysis competencies, and an understanding of the core values of the public and non-profit sector.

Program graduates typically find employment in city, county, state and federal governments, nonprofit organizations, think-tanks, and academia. As a member of NASPAA, the Program regularly reviews and updates its curricula to provide students with most relevant skills and knowledge of professional standards for public administrators.

The program also supports the wider community through in-service professional and leadership trainings, policy and management analysis services, and the production of new knowledge through academic research. The program includes eleven faculty members and is home to Review of Public Personnel Administration (ROPPA), a top-ranked peer-reviewed journal of the American Society for Public Administration that publishes research on human resource management and administration in public organizations. Starting in 2018, Dr. Paul Battaglio will be an editor-in-chief of Public Administration Review (PAR), a leading professional journal in public administration research, theory and practice.