Public and Nonprofit Management — Degrees

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"...public service is a stimulating, proud, and lively enterprise. It is not just a way of life, it is a way to live fully." — Lee H. Hamilton

PhD in Public Affairs

The doctor of philosophy in public affairs degree is an interdisciplinary doctoral program that prepares graduates to assume positions in academe, research organizations or public, quasi-public and nonprofit organizations. The degree combines innovative and traditional methods of educational delivery and emphasizes the integration and application of theory to practice.

The guiding philosophy of the program is that public affairs involves more than mere functional administration, policy implementation or quantitative policy analysis. Rather, doctoral education in public affairs requires an interface between the traditions of public management, decision science, and policy analysis and processes, with a practical appreciation for the challenges of maintaining and building institutions of governance and a civic culture in a complex, democratic society.

The PhD program in public affairs is a cohort program requiring 42 hours of coursework plus relevant doctoral dissertation hours. Well-prepared students may be able to complete the course requirements and the dissertation within three years from their initial enrollment.

Admissions are limited to the fall semester only. The application deadline for students seeking funding through assistantships is January 15. University deadlines apply.