Research is a vital component of the academic world. With a social sciences focus at the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences (EPPS), research takes many forms, from qualitative to quantitative, empirical to theoretical, experimental to observational, involving undergraduates, graduates and faculty.

Like the variety of methodologies used within the school, the areas being investigated also cover a wide gamut of topics, such as prison misconduct, child poverty, immigration trends related to terrorism, and gender opportunities in business. Highlights of specific research conducted by EPPS faculty and students can be found on the Research Highlights page.

To facilitate such research, EPPS is home to eight research centers, where students and faculty are busy carrying out research on a myriad of topics. From high-end computing infrastructures to state-of-the-art experimental laboratories to experts in their respective fields, these centers provide conducive environments for research to take place and new findings to emerge.

The quality and applicability of this research are evident in the volume of published work by EPPS’ highly-regarded faculty. Recent publications cover topics synonymous with the school’s programs – political science, criminology, economics, geospatial information sciences, public affairs, international political economy, public policy, and sociology. Faculty are also involved as editors of several academic journals, a listing of which can be found on the Journals page.

As UT Dallas was established nearly four decades ago as a research center, staying true to these roots, the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences continues to be dedicated to innovative and practical research that improves policies, enhances learning, and makes the world we live in a better one for all.