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Advising Center
Green Hall, 2.220 (Map)

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Office Hours

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday (8:00am - 5:00pm)

Advising Hours: 8:30am - 4:00pm

Walk-In Wednesday Hours: 8:30am – 11:30am and 1:00pm – 4:00pm

EPPS Advising Appointment

Advisors will primarily see students on an appointment basis. This will reduce the wait time for you and allow the advisors to prepare for the advising session. Please make an appointment on GenBook. Our Student Service Specialist will be able to assist you with questions regarding the following information. You can come in on a walk-in basis any day of the week during regular business hours.
  • Degree audits
  • Major exploration
  • Registration advising
  • Freshman/new transfer student registration
  • Approval for taking courses off campus
  • Schedule appointments
  • Obtain Add/Drop forms
  • Get a copy of your degree plan
  • Drop off transcripts and off-campus approvals
  • General Information

During high-traffic periods such as the first week of classes and deadline days, walk-ins will be accepted, however priority will be given to students with appointments.

EPPS advisors are also available by appointment or on a walk-in basis on Wednesdays to help with:

  • Course selection
  • Coursework difficulties
  • Degree requirements
  • Study skills
  • Time management

Students should plan to meet with their assigned advisor at least once per year.

Students who are in one of the following categories must meet with their advisor prior to registration:

  • Freshman
  • New transfer
  • Non-degree
  • Academic probation
  • Change of major in the previous semester


Undergraduate Advisors

EPPS Undergraduate Advising is according to student's last name:

A-F: Sheila RollersonGR 2.220972-883-4938[email protected]
G-H: Lynne BoyerGR 2.220972-883-2839[email protected]
I-Q: April LiangGR 2.220972-883-4243[email protected]
R-Z: Lynne BoyerGR 2.220972-883-2839[email protected]

Master's Advisors

EPPS Master Advising is generally according to student's last name, with the exception of Master of Public Affairs students:

Nora HernandezGR 2.701972-883-4524[email protected]
Master of Public Affairs: Teodoro J. BenavidesGR 2.206972-883-4745[email protected]

Fast Track

Academically qualified students with a minimum GPA of 3.50 are encouraged to consider the Fast Track Option. This program allows students to take graduate-level courses while they are undergraduates. Specific admission requirements can be found in the descriptions of majors.

Undergraduate students who are admitted to the Fast Track program may take a maximum of 15 specified semester hours of approved graduate courses in EPPS during their senior year. These graduate hours may be used to complete the bachelor's degree and to satisfy requirements for the master's degree.

Students interested in the Fast Track program should consult with the Undergraduate Academic Advisor and complete an application form. Students must apply prior to the final 30 credit hours of work for their bachelor's degree.

For Fast Track admission requirements and completion requirements, click here.

To learn more about Fast Track options, contact Nora Hernandez.

EPPS Undergraduate Honors Program

The EPPS Honors Program provides eligible students with the opportunity for recognition at the program level for scholarly performance in degree programs within the School. In order to earn EPPS Honors a student must:

  • Graduate with an overall GPA of 3.40 or higher.
  • Graduate with a GPA of 3.40 or higher in their major program of study AND
  • Complete any two of the following requirements:
    • Complete 9 hours of CV upper-level (3000-4000) courses with no less than a "B" in each course as determined by the program or complete 9 hours of the School's Fast Track program graduate courses with no less than a "B" in each course. Exceptions may be made by Associate Dean on recommendation of the Program Director.
    • Complete an internship by completing three hours of 4V98 internship. The internship must be approved by the Program Head, and have a significant research component.
    • Register for 4V99 Senior Honors (with your academic advisor) and complete an Honors Thesis paper.

School Honors with Distinction will be awarded to those students who complete a Senior Honors thesis, and whose paper is judged by a faculty committee to be of exemplary quality, provided the students meet the other requirements stated above.

Students must apply for admission to the program head and undergraduate program advisor of the academic program in which they expect to receive their degree. Students must apply no later than 30 semester hours prior to graduation and no earlier than 60 hours prior to graduation.


Office of Enrollment Services
Information about admissions, applications and credits by examination or transfer.

Registrar's Office
Information about programs, policies and procedures involving adding or dropping courses, declaring and changing majors, grading scale, graduation, registration and other related topics.

Registrar Electronic Forms
Visit this web page to find the appropriate electronic forms to add/drop/withdraw from a class, change your major, apply for graduation, and much more.

Undergraduate Catalog
Information about admission, academic policies and procedures, resources for study and campus life, tuition and financial aid, degree programs, course descriptions and faculty.

Bursar's Office
Information about tuition balances, refund information and payment options, including payment plans for tuition and fees.

Career Center
Information about interview preparation, interview opportunities, internships and other career-related topics.

Office of Undergraduate Education
Information about advising, scholarships, Collegium V (honors program) and other general undergraduate education topics.