Fill out this checklist before you begin planning your event so that you’ll have the information handy. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answers to some of these questions – just keep them in mind as you’re going through the planning process itself.

Printable checklists:

Begin by checking the Comet Calendar and the academic calendar to be sure your event does not conflict with others.

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Basic Information

Event Name:
Event Date/Time:
Event Location:
Speakers or Special Guests:
Expected Attendance:

Physical Needs

Will you need tables, chairs, etc.?

  • If so, what do you need?
  • How many do you need?
  • How would you like to have them arranged?

Will you be serving food or beverages?

  • Do you plan on serving alcohol? Note: University policy prohibits alcohol on campus, with the exception of events sponsored by the U.T. System or component institution. This does not include registered student organizations.
  • Do you expect any guests with special dietary needs?
  • Will you use an outside vendor or Chartwells (campus food services)?

Will you need any audio/visual equipment?

  • If so, what equipment will you need?
  • Will you need Internet or phone service in the room?
  • Will you need someone to help you run the equipment?

Preparing the Room

Will you need to have the room cleaned? Before, afterwards, or both?

How complicated is your set-up? Will you need to reserve extra time to accommodate for it?

Is your event on the weekend or after-hours?

  • If so, will you need to hire guards?
  • Will you need to have someone unlock the room?
  • Will you need heating/air conditioning?


How will your guests know of the event?

What parking accommodations will your guests need?

Will you need to arrange travel to/from the university?

Will you be giving out gifts to your speakers and/or attendees?

Will you need to print up nametags for your guests?

Are you expecting guests with disabilities?

  • If so, what special accommodations need to be arranged?


Is your event going to be private?

  • If so, will you need to print up invitations?
  • Are VIP’s present?
  • Is social media appropriate?

Is your event going to be public?

  • Have you contacted Media Relations for an assessment of your event?
  • Is there a news making speech or announcement that will be made?
  • If so, will you need to print up flyers or advertising posters?
  • Will you want to run an ad in the UTD Mercury?
  • Add the event the Comet Calendar
  • Important: Be sure to put all furniture back in place and out of the traffic flow post-event. Failure to do so can result in injury and block emergency exit routes (especially for the visually impaired).