Facilities Management

What They Do

Provide and set up chairs, tables, and podiums in the event space. Custodial Services for events are also requested through Facilities.

How To Contact Them

Web: UTD Facilities Management
Phone: 2177
Fax: 2075
Mailstop: PP11

Two options for submitting a request:

Emergency Numbers

Facilities Management Help Desk: 2177
After-Hours Emergency Maintenance: 2147


  • Cocktail tables and staging reservations are available for use but must be reserved with University Events prior to submitting a work request. If approved, you are responsible for submitting a work request for the set up and break down of the stage. Request forms available at the Cocktail Tables & Staging page
  • Facilities Management does not equip the podiums with microphones. For a podium microphone or to request the use of the equipment in a podium you need to contact Media Services.
  • Check the cleanliness of the room prior to the event.
  • Find the nearest restrooms to your event space and arrange to have those cleaned as well. If you expect a large number of guests, you can request extra toilet paper.
  • Setup for the Galaxy Rooms is handled by the Student Union, not Facilities Management. Submit your setup request with this form.They have their own stage.
  • Set-up for the DGAC is coordinated directly through their operations manager unless otherwise instructed.
  • Make sure that there are no plans for construction or remodeling in or around your event space before you book it.