What They Do

Facilities Management is dedicated to serving the campus and community by providing services towards the everyday functionality of The University of Texas at Dallas, which in turn may require a little extra due-diligence when it comes to having events on campus. They provide:

  • Set-up and take-down of events including the use of podiums, stanchions, chairs and tables (6′ rectangulars, 60″ rounds, and 5’x18″ classroom-style).
  • Custodial services ranging from pre-event area cleaning, providing trash and recycle bins, nearby restroom cleaning and restocking, on-hand event staffing, and post-event area cleaning.
  • Heating or air conditioning for an event outside of the University’s normal business hours.
  • Lighting for an event outside of the University’s normal business hours.

How To Contact Them

Web: UTD Facilities Management – Business & Customer Services
Phone: 972.883.2177
Mailstop: FM11

Two options for submitting a request:

Emergency Numbers

Facilities Management Work Order Center (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.): 972.883.2177
After-Hours Reports: 972.883.2147


  • Facilities Management business hours of operation for the various shops is 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. The rate for service during business hours is $46.50/hour, per crew member (Setups and break-downs require a minimum of two crew members for each). The overtime rate of service outside of these business hours is $69.75/hour, per crew member. Call-out services overnight and on weekends will be billed a minimum of three overtime hours per crew member.
  • All services provided by Facilities Management require a notice of 36 business hours prior to an event. Failure to provide this notice will result in a $100 late fee per service.
  • Events with a large head-count, providing food/drink, and/or taking place outside of Facilities’ normal business hours are required to submit a work request for custodial services. Please note, the custodial contractor used on campus has been contracted for office-style cleaning only, Sunday through Thursday. They are not equipped or assigned to clean up after events.
  • For after-hours events, please notify Facilities if heating/air conditioning or lighting is needed.
  • Diagrams are always helpful, especially for events held in open areas (i.e. outside or in building lobby/atrium areas). Please keep in mind the size of the tables we provide with regards to the feasibility of your diagram.
  • When reserving your room, always consider extra time for setup and break-down around your events.
  • Facilities Management does not equip podiums with microphones. For a podium microphone, or to request the use of the equipment in a podium, you will need to contact Media Services.
  • Setup for the Galaxy Rooms and Faculty/Staff Dining Hall are handled by Student Union, not Facilities Management. They also have their own stage. However, you will still need to submit a Facilities work request for custodial services should you meet the criteria listed above.
  • Set-up for the Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center is coordinated directly through their operations manager, unless otherwise instructed.
  • Make sure there are no plans for construction or remodeling in or around your event space before booking it.
  • Cocktail tables and staging reservations are available for use but must be reserved with University Events prior to submitting a Facilities work request. If approved by University Events, your request for setup and break-down of those items can be included with your Facilities work request for other related event support services. University Events’ request forms are available on the Cocktail Tables & Staging page.