Room Reservation

Arrow Please report any inaccuracies or out-of-date information to Rena Piper.

Students and Student Organizations

All students and student groups must submit an application for use of facilities through the Student Union (x2945) for the use of any room on campus.

Off-Campus Organizations

At this time we do not accomodate off-campus requests for the use of our facilities through a centralized office. All events must be sponsored and coordinated by an on-campus department, school, or organization.

Faculty and Staff

The list below is provided as a reference in scheduling for our faculty and staff. These forms and contacts are not for student use.


Seats Building/Room Contact Name Ext. Online Form?
180 ECS South, TI Auditorium*
ECSS 2.102
Leiane Davis 6851 No
1200 Edith O’Donnell Arts and Technology Bldg, Lecture Hall***
ATC 1.102
ATEC Reservation 7567 Guidelines
180 Founders North, Kusch Auditorium
FN 2.102
Office of the Registrar 2342 Yes
300 Hoblitzelle Hall, Auditorium
HH 2.402
Office of the Registrar 2342 Yes
90 Jonsson, Auditorium
JO 4.614
Office of the Registrar 2342 Yes
196 Jonsson, Performance Hall
JO 2.604
Use online form Yes
118 McDermott Library, McDermott Auditorium
MC 2.410
Office of the Registrar 2342 Yes
300 JSOM, Davidson Auditorium†
JSOM 1.118
Exec Ed Rooms No
275 University Theatre
JO 2.702J
Use online form Yes
Conference Rooms, Ballrooms, & Meeting Spaces
12 AD Building, Bluebonnet Conference Room
AD 3.108A
Karyn Horlacher 2602 Use MS Outlook
20 AD Building, Lone Star Conference Room
AD 3.104
Tarita Graham 2308 Use MS Outlook
8-10 AD Building , OVPR Conference Room
AD 3.218D
Teresa Capitan 4570 No
18-37 ATC Building, Conference Room
ATC 1.201
ATEC Reservation 4376 No
16-23 ATC Building, Conference Room
ATC 3.225
ATEC Reservation 4376 No
400 DGAC, Ballroom and Conference Rooms
DGAC Floor Plan
10-24 JSOM, Conference Rooms†
JSOM 3.216, 4.418, 13.501, 13.510, 14.501
Susan Scott 4085 No
80-180 McDermott Library, McDermott Suite
MC 4.4
Judy Barnes 2203 Guidelines
The Form
Student Union, Student Services Addition, Faculty Staff Dining Room, Dining Hall and all other rooms Delvora King 2945 Yes
Computer Labs
24 Green Hall, Green Computer Labs**
GR 3.206, GR 3.602
Delfina Prisock 6199 No
30 Brazos Lab
FO 1.206C
Jacob Abraham 2389 No
Classrooms & Lecture Halls
Classrooms Office of the Registrar 2342 Yes
40-42 ECS North*
ECSN 2.110, ECSN 2.112, ECSN 2.126
Mai Nguyen 6807 No
40 ECS North*
ECSN 2.120
Kathryn Owens 4479 No
ECS South* ECS South No
56 JSOM, Executive Education Center†
JSOM 1.502, 1.508, 1.517
Exec Ed Rooms No
Outdoors & Open Spaces
Activity Center, VCB Atrium, and Outdoor Basketball Courts Josh Sundholm 4050 Yes
Athletic Fields and Tennis Courts Valerie Hoops 4497 Yes
DGAC – The Porch, The Lawn & The Grove DGAC Floor Plan
100-150 Founders Ground Floor Atrium

and 2nd Floor Atrium

Jach Ross,
Margaret Swigert
or Daname Lucas
Green Pit EPPS Dean’s Office 6198 No
Hoblitzelle Hall, Lobby Becky Wiser 2354 No
JSOM, Atrium Exec Ed Rooms No
North Mall, North of the Trellis North Mall 2213 Use MS Outlook
Student Union, Mall Delvora King 2945 Yes

*When using ECSN rooms for the first time, contact Engineering Tech Support (x2997) for training. When using ECSS rooms for the first time, contact Computer Science System Support Staff (x4384) for training. All media classrooms in ECSS are now the responsibility of UTD Media Services.

**These labs are primarily intended for UTD student use and class instruction in the School of Economic,Political and Policy Sciences. They can be made available for other uses if the circumstances justify.

***If AV support is needed in the ATC Lecture Hall, please complete the ATC Technology Request Form. To view the ATC Lecture Hall specifications sheet, click here.

†When using JSOM rooms for the first time, contact Brandon Davidson (x4980). If AV support is needed for JSOM, please complete the Special Events Equipment Request Form.