What They Do

Print nametags, invitations, seating cards, and programs.

Information on using Printing Services to produce posters or fliers can be found under Publicizing – Printing Services.

How To Contact Them

Chris Rench, Printing Services Manager

Email: [email protected]
Web: UTD Printing Services
Phone: 2266
Fax: 6510
Location: Service Building
Mailstop: SB12

A convenient way to make copies is to fill out and fax the Reproduction Request Form (PDF) to x6510 along with a sample of what you want copied.


  • The file to be printed should be in one of the following formats: Abode Illustrator, Photoshop, or Pagemaker; Quark XPress; Corel Photo Paint or Draw; Postscript, TIFF, or EPS. Both Mac and Windows files are acceptable.
  • If you are sending a file in Postscript format, use a high resolution output device such as Agfa or Linotronic.
  • Include any fonts that were used.
  • If you are printing nametags, arrange to have a few blank ones handy for unexpected guests. Also, be sure to check on the spelling of your guests’ names beforehand.