Kyeongjae Cho

Kyeongjae Cho


  • physics of nanoelectronic devices
  • computational materials science
  • nanomaterials design
  • carbon nanotubes and nanowires
  • metal nanoparticles for catalyst design in renewable energy applications
  • interface modeling of high-k gate stack systems.
  • nanotechnology


Lakisha Ladson

Expert at a Glance

Kyeongjae (K.J.) Cho, Ph.D.
Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science

Associate Professor of Materials Science & Engineering
and Physics

Dr. Cho came to UT Dallas from Stanford University to advance rational designs of nanomaterials with an eye toward their potential use in nanoelectronic devices and renewable energy applications.

His research group has developed a multiscale modeling method to study the structure-property relationship of nanomaterials. The technology has been licensed and applied to develop a start-up company.

Cho studies the array of possibilities nanomaterials can offer, solutions to energy and environmental challenges and future nanoelectronic devices.

Cho received his Ph.D. in physics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).



Updated: November 29, 2011