Professor Thomas Riccio

Thomas Riccio


  • theater
  • acting
  • stage directing
  • ritual
  • shamanism
  • drama
  • media performance
  • indigenous performance
  • Native American plays
  • shamanism
  • robot culture
  • African theater
  • puppets
  • multicultural theater
  • playwriting
  • motion capture
  • interactive media


Charles Lilly

Expert at a Glance

Thomas Riccio School of Arts and Humanities

Professor of performance and aethestic studies and director of Story Lab

Thomas Riccio merges performance with new art mediums in his academic work. He directs traditional plays in the Dallas area and beyond, but introduces students to the art of performance in emerging media with the Institute for Interactive Arts and Engineering and as Lead Engineer for Hanson Robotics.

Riccio has directed nearly 100 plays in nearly every genre. He has worked extensively in the area of indigenous performance and ritual and has developed and directed performances with the Zulu of South Africa, Alaska Natives, the Sakha National Theatre of central Siberia, the Greenland Inuit, several tribal groups in Zambia, SriLankan Tamils, the !Xuu and Khwe Bushmen of the lower Kalahari, and a pre-Christian Slavic group in St. Petersburg.

Riccio, a recipient of the Distinction Prize in Playwrighting from the Alexander S. Onassis Foundation, received his MFA from Boston University.


Updated: November 29, 2011