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Business & Customer Services Team

Facilities Management is dedicated to serving our campus and community by providing our services towards the everyday functionality of the University of Texas at Dallas. In support of this, the Facilities Management Work Order Center is here for you!

  • Let us help you! Tell us if you find a maintenance issue on campus that needs to be addressed.
  • Some jobs are bigger than others… but what’s the difference between Reporting a Problem and Making a Work Request? What is considered general repair or billable work?
  • So you have a job that requires a Work Request, but you’re not sure how to fill one out. Whether it’s your first time, or you just need a refresher… here’s how to fill out the Work Request Form.
  • Have a Billing Inquiry? Need an invoice or receipt for your Work Order? We can help you with that!
  • You have the power too! Want to make sure your Work Request was processed to your satisfaction? You can go on to our operating system, AiM: AssetWORKS, and see what’s going on with your Work Order. Make sure you request access!
  • Have we missed anything? See our FAQs to find what you’re looking for.

How Can We Help You?

Welcome to the Facilities Management Work Order Center!

Phone: 972.883.2177


Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Interoffice Mail: FM 11

Fax [Facsimile] : 972.883.2075

We receive and process reports and work requests for: Plumbing, Electrical, Remodeling / Construction, General Maintenance, Move & Events, Signage, Custodial & Recycling, and Landscaping & Grounds.

If you are having trouble with your HVAC [Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning] , please report it to Energy Management Services (972.883.2147 /

More About EMS [Energy Management Services]  >>

If you have questions about keys or card readers, or need to submit your Key Request through eCat please contact the Key Shop (972.883.4093 /

More About the Key Shop >>

Report a Problem vs. Make a Work Request

Not sure what is considered billable work and what is not? Do you just call in the problem or do you send in a Work Request Form (PDF [Portable Document Format File] )?

A Few Pointers

  • Most, if not all, issues reported for the Visitor Center and University Bookstore (VCB), Activity Center (AB), Student Services Building (SSB), Student Union (SU), Parking Structure 1 (PS1), Parking Structure 3 (PS3), and Parking Structure 4 (PS4) will be billable requests.
  • General reports regarding plumbing and lighting/outages are non-billable (except for the buildings listed above)
  • General reports regarding spot cleaning, refilling restroom items, carpet shampooing, vacuuming, interior window cleaning, and stripping & waxing floors are all non-billable requests.
  • Requests to changes in temperature are all non-billable. (If there is a repair necessary the buildings listed above will be billable; all others are non-billable.)
  • Estimates for requested work are non-billable but do need a Work Request Form (PDF [Portable Document Format File] ). However, when the job estimate is approved it will be billable.

“When in doubt, send a work request.” If you’d rather not send a work request, give us a call and report the issue; we’ll let you know if we need a Work Request Form (PDF [Portable Document Format File] ).



Report the Problem: Give Us a Call Work Request Form
Clogged Toilets Assembly / Installation / Construction
Water Leaks Remodeling
Sink Not Draining Painting
Sewer Gas Smell Moves
Light Bulb Out / Re-lamp Event Setups
Breaker Tripped Event Custodial Services
Roof Leaks Signs / Nameplates
Window Leaks Dining / Retail Work

Temperature - Hot/Cold

Call EMS [Energy Management Services] (972.883.2147)

Bird in Building  
Dead Animal on Premise  
Tree Branch Trimming  
Signs Missing  
Spills, Water on Floor  

The Work Request Form

For billable jobs, and estimates, you will need to submit a Work Request Form (PDF [Portable Document Format File] ) to the Facilities Management Work Order Center.

Important Points

  1. “Contact” information needs to be filled out entirely. The “Contact” is the primary contact on a Work Order, and the Requestor is secondary contact.
  2. Cost Center number and Signature Authority signature. The person signing the form at the bottom needs to have signature authority on the cost center provided in the first section. (You will hear from us to confirm if the Signature Authority is not listed on our PeopleSoft list of approvers).
  3. “Location of Work” information needs to be filled out entirely. Make sure the location is clearly indicated so there is no risk of misinterpreting where you want us to go for the necessary maintenance, move, or event.
  4. Dates & Times are very important, so is where you indicate it on your form.
    • “Work Required” / “Room Availability” are for maintenance or projects.
    • “Move Support” are for scheduled moves or crate requests.
    • “Special Event” are for events. Fill out Start/End date & times, Set up date & time, and Takedown date & time. All are important!
  5. Details… be specific; what you would like us to do? Be clear and concise. Space between tasks if there are multiples.
  6. Read the bottom of the form! Here is where we keep important information you need to know. It tells you the different ways to send your request, our work hours and notice of overtime, late fees for move/event requests turned in under 36 hours notice, and our disclaimer in red. Please read everything provided for you.

What You Need to Know About Moves

  • Please review the Move Support Checklist and Disclaimer (PDF [Portable Document Format File] ).
  • To Surplus: Non-billable as long as there is no specified date (Moves to Surplus from the billable buildings, mentioned before, are always billable moves).
  • From Surplus: always billable.
  • From building to building/room to room: always billable. If you are in need of crates to prepare for your move, request them in advance. A request for crates and a request for the move can be put on the same work request form, just specify date and time for each in the Details section of the form. They will be written up as Phase 001 & 002 on a work order.
  • If you need to revise or cancel work, send it via email.

What You Need to Know About Events

  • Before planning an event, please visit the Event Planning Guide on the University website. It is a very useful tool in helping you plan your event appropriately.
  • If you are in need of cocktail tables or staging, they must be reserved through the President’s Office: University Events before you send your Work Request Form (PDF [Portable Document Format File] ) to Facilities Management. This can be found under Planning Process, 4th bullet down on the side.
  • Diagrams are always helpful.
  • When reserving your room, always consider extra time for set up and takedown around your event.
  • If you need to revise or cancel work, send it via email.
  • Setup for the event and custodial requests for an event are considered separate. A request for setup and a request for custodial can be put on the same work request form, just separate them in the Details section of the form. They will be written up as Phase 001 & 002 on a work order.
  • Custodial charges for events: requested weekend cleaning prior to event, requesting trashcans / recycle bins, on-hand event staffing, and requested after event cleaning. Custodial services required when guest head-count is over 150 people and for events in the VCB.

Billing Inquiries?


Facilities Management charges a base rate of $45 an hour per crewman, at a minimum of two crewmen per job. This comes out to $90 an hour, minimum, for all billable work.


Working hours for the Facilities Management shops are Monday-Friday, 8:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. If work is requested outside this timeframe, an overtime rate will apply: $67.50 an hour per crewman, with a three hour minimum on weekends.

Job Estimates / Quotes

  • If you are requesting an estimate/quote on a particular maintenance/repair job, please send in a work request form (you may leave off the cost center number at this stage) and specify “QUOTE” in the Project Name.
  • If the quote and work is approved a cost center will need to be provided by the person with signature authority.
  • Estimates are directed to shop supervisors.
  • Moves/Events estimates can be requested by phone or email to the Work Order Center ( and will be forwarded directly to the Moves/Events supervisor.

Print Your AiM Work Order Invoice

To access AiM, use either the Internet Explorer® or Mozilla Firefox® web browser. In your browser’s address bar, enter: You will be prompted to enter your current UT Dallas NetID and password.

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AiM Screenshot

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Once AiM has fully loaded, select “WORK MANAGEMENT” at the top of the Menu box; then select “WORK ORDER”.

In the lower right-hand corner of the WORK ORDER screen, a box is provided for you to enter your 8-digit work order number, inserting a hyphen prior to the last two digits (Example: 146300-16). Select the magnifying glass next to the box to access the work order.

After your Work Order has populated, select “Cost Analysis” from the “View” section provided down the left side of the screen, for charges currently posted to the entire Work Order. For charges posted to a specific phase number, select phase number (Example: 001, 002, 003, etc…) and then select “Cost Analysis” from the “View” section provided down the left side of the screen.

Billed Work Order phases will indicate “95-Billed/Closed”. If a Work Order phase is not in “95-Billed/Closed” status, then charges may not be complete for that phase. Similarly, if a Work Order is not in “Closed” status then charges may not be complete for the entire Work Order.

To print “Cost Analysis” amounts visible from the Work Order screen: Maximize your web browser window, select the Print Screen key at the top right-hand side of your keyboard, open a Microsoft Word® document, right-click on your mouse over the blank page and select Paste.

If you are viewing multiple work orders, return to the Work Order screen by selecting “Back” at the top left of the screen until you are able to key in the next work order number in the box provided at the bottom left of the page and select the magnifying glass to access it.


Getting access to AiM: If you do not already have access to AiM, contact the FM [Facilities Management] Software Systems Specialist, Willie Taylor ( requesting access to AiM. Once you receive a confirmation email from him, you can log on to AiM.