Faculty Mentoring Program

PechaKucha at UTD - an icebreaker that is both informative and entertaining

PechaKucha is a presentation format wherein each speaker presents 20 images for 20 seconds each. Images are set to automatically advance usually using PowerPoint or Keynote. Each image is selected to suggest and/or compliment the idea or concept being presented by the speaker in the short few seconds it is on the screen. PechaKucha talks have no slides jam-packed with information that makes it impossible to both listen to the speaker and to read and comprehend busy or complicated slides. There are no worries about getting every concept across to your audience in your brief presentation. Speakers find that well-conceived, memorable, and sometimes startling concepts generate quite a lot of perceptive questions in the Q&A.

We would like to follow these guidelines for preparing and delivering your presentation:

  • Prepare your talk for a broad, educated audience. Several disciplines will be in your audience, and they may know little to nothing about your area of expertise.
  • Speaking of expertise, do not necessarily limit your talk to your research. We all do all sorts of other interesting things.
  • Choose images that pair well with what you will be saying for that 20 seconds.
  • Include your title and name over an image on slide 1.
  • Abandon the usual bulleted points, tables, graphs, etc.
  • Speak slowly, and present big ideas.
  • Practice what you will say in those 20 seconds. Note cards are considered passé.
  • Maintain eye contact with your audience. You will be able to view a monitor so that you can adjust your pace as necessary.
  • Get your audience emotionally involved.
  • And by all means, enjoy yourself. Have fun with this! Your audience certainly will.


Student PechaKucha presentation from CV Honors Basis of Evolution. (modified slide number and timing)

UTD TA Matt Varvir's instructional PechaKucha from Research Methods. (modified slide number and timing)



Updated: February 16, 2016