Faculty Mentoring Program

Roles & Responsibilities of the Senior Faculty Mentor

  • Ensure regular contacts with mentees
  • Attend two hour training/orientation
  • Ease the mentee transition to the University community
  • Inform and advise the mentee on changes and trends in their field of expertise
  • Introduce the mentee to the larger academic community and its culture
  • Advise the mentee on how to deal with the pressures of professional life
  • Suggest strategies for effective teaching, research and writing
  • Propose effective ways of interacting with students and colleagues
  • Read and critique research proposals and papers
  • Advise on submission of papers for publication
  • Suggest external mentors from industry/community for mentees
  • Encourage the submission of papers for presentation at professional conferences
  • Advise on retention, tenure, and promotion requirements and processes
  • Advise on time allocation for research, writing, teaching and service
  • Provide advice on University and college policies

Updated: January 15, 2016