Faculty Mentoring at UT Dallas

2015-2016 Faculty Mentoring Program

We are pleased to present a campus-wide faculty mentoring program. Our goal is to assist junior faculty in developing their research, teaching and professional skills. The program begins each year in October, and ends in May of the following year.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Faculty Mentoring Program is to provide a system of support for faculty to help them develop professionally and personally. This program will contribute to improving recruitment and retention of faculty and enhancing the academic climate at The University of Texas at Dallas. The program offers mentored guidance on research, teaching and service, facilitated networking opportunities and sharing of best practices.  This program is based on principles of mutual trust, respect, cooperation, and inclusion.


The Program

The philosophy behind the program is that one mentor cannot provide all the guidance an individual needs. Participants in the program are encouraged to develop a mentoring team (or a board of advisors), to provide general research guidance, specific and concrete feedback on their research, UTD-specific guidance, and social support. Resources are available for recruiting experts in your field to serve as mentors from outside the UTD campus.

The program also offers workshops (and implementation sessions) for junior faculty that address publication, grants, teaching, networking, writing skills, obtaining tenure, work-life balance, and having difficult conversations.

Further details regarding the program can be obtained from Homer Montgomery, Chair of the Committee on Faculty Mentoring, or from your school's representative to the Committee on Faculty Mentoring.

You may participate by using the Application link on this page. Any tenure-track but untenured faculty member is welcome to participate.  If you would like to be a mentee, please complete the application and email or send it to:

Dr. Homer Montgomery, FN33 ([email protected]), FN3.308H, 972.883.2480)


Mentee Application (.docx)








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Updated: January 15, 2016