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Asynchronous Access for Fall 2020

Last Updated: July 10, 2020

I am not comfortable coming onto campus for classes. I was told I could opt for asynchronous access. I have some questions…

What does asynchronous mean?

Asynchronous means you are participating in the course not at the same time as the instruction of the course. At any given time, you have the option of telling your fall 2020 instructor(s) that you would like asynchronous access to your course(s). The asynchronous option exists for the instruction modes of Traditional, Blended, Flexible and Remote.

For example, you are registered in a course meeting in the traditional mode 9 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you choose asynchronous access, you would complete the course remotely at a different time than the scheduled class.

If I choose asynchronous access, is it self-paced, on my own time and pace?

Asynchronous access does not mean that you can complete the course and course requirements at your own pace or discretion. Asynchronous access means flexibility is given to you completing the course at a distance. You will have the same opportunities for learning and meet the same course standards as the other students.

You will need to meet the requirements and standards set forth by the instructor. You also will need to follow along at the pace of the class even though you are not meeting at the time of the class.

Why would I choose asynchronous access?

You may choose asynchronous access for several reasons. Below are examples.

  • For the entire fall 2020 semester, for example:
    • You are at home and will not be returning to campus to participate in classes;
    • You are at high risk for participating in person; and/or
    • You are not comfortable participating in person classes due to the pandemic.
  • For portions of fall 2020, for example:
    • You have COVID-19 and you need to isolate, but you will return to in-person classes after the appropriate quarantine period;
    • You attended in-person class and did not feel comfortable continuing in-person class;
    • You have been exposed to a potential carrier of COVID-19 and you need to isolate, but you will return to in-person classes after the appropriate quarantine period; and/or
    • You are sick. You do not know why, but you think it is best to stop in-person classes until you feel better.

How do I choose the asynchronous access?

If you plan to participate via asynchronous access, you will need to notify your professor once the fall 2020 semester begins on Monday, Aug. 17, or at any point during the semester, as soon as you know you will be accessing the class asynchronously.

I’m on a F-1 student visa. How will choosing asynchronous access affect me?

UT Dallas recommends that students on the F-1 visa review the immigration enrollment requirements for guidance.