Helping Students Make Their Own Decisions

Helping Students Make Their Own Decisions

Throughout their college careers, students will have many personal decisions to make regarding internships, relationships, finances and more. Early on, students may find it nerve-racking to make certain decisions on their own, but by their senior year, they should be confident in the personal choices they make.

When students make independent decisions, they are molding their values and priorities and are able to take control of their college experience. The choices students make in college allow them to learn from their actions, revise decisionmaking strategies and shape their adult selves.

When helping your student make personal decisions:

  • Encourage them to research the pros and cons of their choices before making major decisions.
  • Remember your student may want to try new things and experience different ways of living on their own.
  • Serve as a listener and guide them as they weigh their options, but allow your student to make the final choice.


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