Supporting Your College Student

Supporting your Student

Just because your child has left for college doesn’t mean your role as a parent is over; it’s just evolving. Supporting and communicating with your college student is essential to helping your student make good decisions and maximize his or her experience at UT Dallas.

The UT Dallas Student Counseling Center offers advice to parents and families about supporting your student, including:

  • Maintain a healthy balance between staying in touch and allowing space. Allow your student to guide some of your conversations. This will provide more freedom for him or her to open up when in need of help or support.
  • Be realistic about expectations, both financially and academically.
  • Look into campus resources and events to ensure your student is getting the most out of college. If your student does experience difficulties, encourage him or her to take advantage of resources on campus, including the counseling, health and wellness centers.

If you’re looking for more advice about supporting your student, or feel your student could benefit from the resources at the Student Counseling Center, visit its website or call 972‑883‑2575.


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