Welcoming Your Student Home for Winter Break

Welcoming Your Student Home for Winter Break

While winter break can be full of laughter and cheer, it can also be a time of anxiety and stress for students and families alike as they work to navigate the dynamic of a reunited home front.

Expectations of what the break will look like to students and families may differ: sleeping until noon and relaxing, versus early rising and helping with chores. Keep in mind that students may be tired the first few days home and may not feel up to being social with friends and family. They have just finished finals and may have kept later hours than usual while studying and completing projects. It might take a few days (and some extra sleep) for them to adjust.

The best thing parents can do to keep the peace is to talk openly with students about expectations before they arrive home. The College Parent Handbook offers tips to help make the transition smooth for all involved in the article “Setting Boundaries Early Will Help Eliminate Problems Later.”

Visit our Student Counseling Center website for more tools and information about nurturing healthy dialogue with your student.


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