Helpful Tips for Busy Period

Change Ahead

October can be a difficult month for students because this time marks the uphill climb between midterms and fall break. Homework and exams can also cause additional stress, and the newness of college life may begin to wear off. Your student may also be experiencing roommate difficulties, or worry about fitting in.

As a caregiver of a college student, it can be overwhelming to consider the challenges your student may face during their first year of transition. Remember to keep communication open with your student; he or she still needs to know that you are available to talk about both normal day-to-day events and more difficult issues like struggling with classes or peer relationships.

If you believe your student is beginning to feel stressed, encourage him or her to reach out to on-campus resources. For academic issues, the Student Success Center is an excellent starting point. The Student Counseling Center and Student Wellness Center are available for support and guidance, and if your student is feeling ill, the Student Health Center offers both primary and preventative health care.


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