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Summer With Your Student

Summer With Your Student

Having your student home for a few brief weeks is great for the entire family, but for some it can also be a stressful time. Your student is a different version of the person who started classes in the fall—and even the person you saw over winter break. The changes and development of becoming an adult will continue, and growing pains are expected with transitions.

A few things to keep in mind, plus tips for an enjoyable summer break:

  • Your student may be sad about being unable to regularly see new friends, but that doesn’t mean your student doesn’t love you or want to spend time with you. If you live locally, check out the Comet Families Pinterest board for activities in and around the Dallas area you’ll enjoy as a family.

  • Establish expectations and be specific. Whatever the rules, make sure to communicate the reasoning behind them. Your student will likely feel more respected and more willing to accept rules once there is an understanding of why establishing expectations makes for a smoother relationship with you. A few questions you may want to discuss:
    • Will he or she have a job over the summer?
    • What transportation is available to them, and what are the rules for using this transportation?
    • With what chores will they assist?
    • When is curfew?
    • How will you communicate activities for the next few months (ex. verbal, texting, notes on the refrigerator, etc.)?
    • Will friends be allowed to visit? If so, for how long and where will they stay?
  • If you’re going out, consider letting your student know where you’re going and when you’ll be home. This shows your student you’re not asking for any information you aren’t willing to share yourself.


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