Comet Families at UT Dallas

Experience Programs Provide Opportunities for Growth

Photo of students at a Senior Year Experience event

Recognizing that students have different needs depending on where they are in their collegiate experience, the Student Transition Programs host "year experience" events that cater to students in their sophomore, junior and senior years.

Each spring, sophomores have the opportunity to get a feel for possible majors and intended careers through programs like Major Investigations and Explore the WOW (World of Work). Juniors learn about money management via the Comet Credit program, and they can enhance their networking skills at Career Advice and a Slice. At Comet Countdown to Commencement, seniors are guided through some of the necessary steps for graduation, including ordering a cap and gown, while an event called Mix, Mingle and Dine: Senior Etiquette Dinner teaches them skills that could be critical in their job search and professional life.

Rounding things out are Freshman Ignite, Sophomore Jump, Junior Jubilee and Senior Week, which are end-of-year events that celebrate each class's accomplishments and their advancement to the next phase.

Activities are held in partnership with UT Dallas' Career Center, the Student Success Center and the Office of Development and Alumni Relations, among others. Visit the Student Transition Programs website for more information about these and other events offered as part of the year experience program.


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