Financial Aid FAQ

Q: Did my financial aid disburse?

A: Check your Bursar’s Office EZPay account to view your account activity.

Q: It’s payment due date. I applied for aid/have a scholarship. Will my classes be dropped?

A: Your payment deadline has been extended to the date that appears in the “Holds” section of your Orion self-service if you have a:


If you have a university scholarship, exemption, or award that covers your entire tuition, then your account will be sheltered beyond Census Day. You should pay any other charges that may appear on your account, such as housing, meal plan, parking and insurance fees. Questions about departmental scholarships should be addressed to your department.

Q: My aid/grant/loan didn’t disburse. Why?

A: There are a variety of reasons why your funds may not have disbursed.

Q: How much is my refund?

A: Check your student account balance in EZPay or your Orion Self-Service. If your financial aid has disbursed, subtract that from your charges. If a credit results, that money will be refunded to you by the Bursar’s Office within 3 to 5 business days.