There are several forms in eProcurement for use when paying individuals or suppliers.

  • Request for Check is used for guest and student reimbursements, employee relocation, payments for memberships, registration, subscriptions, payments to the State of Texas, conference fees, and Homeland Security. 

  • Independent Contractor is used to pay individuals providing Services when the individuals are not affiliated with University.

    To pay an individual for services, log in into eProcurement and complete the form called “Independent contractor”. Completion of the form will create a requisition. The form should be set up for the length of service you expect to pay the vendor. All new vendors will need to be set up prior to the requisition. Approvals must be completed before any services begin for the University. Note: Beginning 9/1/2019, the Independent Contractor Certification form must be attached to the eProcurement form. 

    Common uses of this form include DJs, individual photographers, speakers, honorariums, athletic and tournament coaches, piano repair, art models, bands and facilitators. No companies or employees can be paid on this form.

    Since most of the vendors for this activity do not have invoices, Departments must create Cost Receipts when payment is required. Payment Services will then create the invoice based on the receipt.

    For questions contact [email protected] or 972-883-2300

There are several forms in eProcurement for use when paying individuals or suppliers.

The University reimburses what are considered standard, reasonable, and necessary expenses incurred for a valid business purpose to fulfill the mission of the University.  Clear business purposes should be identified in all methods of purchases. All reimbursements should be reviewed and approved/denied in accordance with University UTDBP3094: Entertainment and Official Occasions, UTDBP3057: Purchasing Policies, and campus business practices.

Reimbursement can be through eProcurement completing the form “Emp. Non-Travel Reimbursement”.  Completion of the form creates a requisition that will automatically be paid when the approval workflow is complete.  All required receipts should be attached.

Travel expenses are reimbursed as standard and necessary for the sole benefit of the University.  Clear business purposes should be identified in all methods of purchases.  All reimbursements should be review and approved/denied in accordance with University UTDBP3104: Travel Expenses, UTDBP3023: Travel and Risk Related Activities,  UTDPP1108: International Travel Policy, UTDBP3057: Purchasing Policies, and campus business practices. 

Reimbursement can be requested through eProcurement by completing the form “Employee Travel Voucher”. Completion of the form creates a requisition that will automatically be paid when the approval workflow is complete. All required receipts should be attached.

Prompted by changes in IRS tax guidelines, which no longer allow employers to pay moving expenses on behalf of new employees without tax consequences, UT Dallas has updated its practices for helping new employees offset moving costs.

Payment Services is available to work with Hiring Departments to offer new employees a flat relocation payment for distribution during the month prior to their start date. This one-time payment, approved by the Dean or Vice President, must be specified in the Letter of Offer. Upon acceptance by the new hire, Hiring Departments should submit the fully-signed Letter of Offer and funding instructions to Payment Services, which then distributes the relocation payment to the employee.

It is strongly recommended that the Letter of Offer require at least a year of service for retention of the relocation payment, and note clearly that the entire amount will appear as taxable income on the employee’s W-2, as no taxes are withheld at time of payment.

While Purchasing will continue to supply a listing of trusted moving companies, no payments to moving companies will be made on a new hire’s behalf going forward. Instead, the employee may use the relocation payment at their discretion for any relocation-related costs, including moving, house-hunting travel, temporary lodging and other expenses.

These changes allow UT Dallas to provide a relocation benefit in accordance with current tax laws, while offering new employees more freedom to make their own decisions during a move. 

Please contact Payroll ([email protected]) or Payment Services office ([email protected]) with any questions.

  • The department should use the Request for Check form in eProcurement
  • The vendor must be set up with the correct mailing address for check or the direct deposit
  • The Letter of Offer must be included as support for the payment

An invoice must reference a purchase order number beginning with an S followed by six digits. 

All invoices must be emailed to the Payment Services at [email protected]

All invoices without a purchase order should be submitted to the individual department that placed the order.  Since there is no associated purchase order number, the department will create a non-catalog purchase order for payment. 

UT Dallas Payment Services utilizes the electronic transfer of funds to replace paper checks.  We are asking our guests and suppliers to enroll so that all future payments are made electronically using this method.

UT Dallas utilizes the following payment methods: 

  • Domestic vendors:  ACH/EFT; paper check (via mail only)
  • International vendors:  Wire transfer; International ACH (IAT)

Please note that paper checks can no longer be picked up on campus.  Checks will be mailed from the bank directly to the supplier remittance address.

UT Dallas processes payments based on method on the following days:

  • Electronic payments (ACH/EFT/IAT): Tues, Thurs, Friday
  • Wire transfers: Wednesday
  • Checks: Thursday

When a purchase order is $5000 or more, it requires receiving. Once an invoice is created for the purchase order after three days the system starts to send the requester an email informing them a receipt is required. An email is sent for the next 7 days. After that, the invoice goes into a match exception inbox for Payment Services to work. The invoice will not be paid until the receipt is created. The receipt should be created as soon as goods since it will start the Net 30 clock. The invoice is paid 30 days after the latest of the following:

  • The day the department receives the goods
  • The day the services were completed by the vendor
  • The day Payment Services receives the invoices

A purchase order that is set up to buy goods (office supplies, machines, chemicals, cables) should to be received by quantity. Very often vendors send items in multiple shipments. Therefore, you record the number of items you have received using a Quantity Receipt. 

Receiving by Quantity (Quick Guide)

A purchase order that is set up to buy services (cleaning, removing dirt, mowing) should be received by cost. You only want to receive the value of the service you have received to date. Therefore, you record that using a Cost Receipt. This is the type of receipt that is used by the Independent Contractor form.

Receiving by Cost (Quick Guide)