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-Policy Development-

The Office of Budget and Finance is committed to a consistent and coherent method of developing and disseminating university policies for the Division and Campus.  The process can be accessed using the link below.  Please review the recently revised policies for any changes which may apply to your daily operations.  We have also listed any that are currently in the process of being revised or newly developed. 

Policy Development/Revision Process (This is an Office of Budget and Finance Internal Process)

Policy Cover Sheet

Policies Developed/Revised

Policy Number

Policy Title

UTDPP1097 Additional Pay
UTDBP3040 Cash Handling Policy
UTDBP3101 Contract Administration
UTDBP3094 Entertainment and Official Occasions
UTDBP3097 Expenditure of Funds
UTDBP3096 Information Security and Acceptable Use
UTDBP3098 Relocation Expenses
UTDBP3099 Signature Authority
UTDBP3104 Travel Expenses


Policies in the Queue

Agency Funds
Awards and Gifts
Service Centers