The State of Texas, the University of Texas System, and UT Dallas have many available contracts with existing vendors that can be used for purchases. You can browse for specific vendor types below.

Catering is defined by UT Dallas as the provision of food service by a commercial operation on campus, which includes the activities of set-up, serving (if requested), preparation, removal of food service and clean-up, where the caterer is responsible for providing on-site staff and service for the above-mentioned event. Catering is defined by the services performed, not by the type(s) or quantity of food provided.

Chartwells should be considered your first choice for catering on campus. They are our food services vendor and are considered “best value”. (If your department or building requires that you use Chartwell’s, the vendor options below will not apply to you for catering. Please check with your department regarding exclusivity in your building, i.e. Alumni Center, McDermott.)

Please visit Chartwells online system (Catertrax) for direct Chartwells ordering and additional information.

Please note, the use of alcohol at an event, prior to 4 p.m. on regular business days, is prohibited without the approval of the president’s office. A written request for waiver of the Regents’ Rules and Regulations concerning consumption of alcoholic beverages must be forwarded to the President’s Designee using the Special Events Risk Assessment form no later than 10 business days prior to the scheduled event. The President’s Designee will acquire permission from the president’s office on the department’s behalf.

A public bid was completed based on the Food Services agreement and 5 additional Catering Service vendors have been awarded. Signed documents are on file recording Health Permit/COI and commitment to follow campus rules and keep documentation current. No Auxiliaries waiver is required when using one of the following Catering Awardees:

Royal Catering
Hanna Sweitzer
[email protected]
Office: 972-437-1466
Fax: 972-437-1546
Ordering: [email protected]

Deli Management (Jason’s Deli)
Branden La Follette
brand[email protected]
Office: 972-437-9156
Fax: 972-437-1943
Ordering: [email protected]

Sonny Bryan’s Catering (Smokehouse Investors)
Diane Padecky
[email protected]
Office: 214-353-0027
Fax: 214-353-0472
Ordering: [email protected]

Beyond the Box Catering – Edible Ideas
Josh Drury
[email protected]
Ordering: [email protected]

Modern Market Eatery
Erinn McCully
[email protected]
Ordering: [email protected]

Until the punch-outs are available for these vendors, a non-catalog requisition will need to be submitted through eProcurement and include the quote and SERA verification for catering.

SERA documents are required for all “catered events” Please reach out to Vanessa Balderama ([email protected], X6356) for assistance with locating and completing these forms.

Please ensure that all UTD Event policies are followed when using Catering Services on campus.

Further information may be found at:

  • [email protected] or (X2608) for additional questions concerning purchase orders or purchasing cards
  • Catering (x2269) for additional questions concerning availability and menus

Please note, the use of alcohol at an event, prior to 4 p.m. on regular business days, is prohibited without the approval of the president’s office. A written request for waiver of the Regents’ Rules and Regulations concerning consumption of alcoholic beverages must be forwarded to the President’s Designee using the Special Events Risk Assessment form no later than 10 business days prior to the scheduled event. The President’s Designee will acquire permission from the president’s office on the department’s behalf.

Food delivery service is defined by UT Dallas as prepared meals delivered or picked up where no other service is provided. Food delivery service does not require a waiver from Auxiliaries. However UTD Event rules must be followed.

A “Preferred Food Delivery Vendor” list is in the process of creation and once completed, all vendors listed will require only a quote to be attached to the non-catalog requisition. In the meantime, campus departments should continue using current food delivery vendors and following the current procedures for food delivery.

Chartered Transportation (bus, limo, or other) companies must provide UTD with a current Certificate of Insurance, and comply with safety and reliability requirements. The businesses listed on this page have already done so, and several are already available in eProcurement to use as a non-catalog vendor.

Unless the desired service will cost less than your delegated purchasing authority (i.e. you are able to use your Purchasing Card to pay for it), you must send a non-catalog purchase requisition through the approvals process to become a Purchase Order BEFORE you commit to acquiring the services. You may call for a quote ahead of time to get an estimate, and you may call several vendors for quotes to compare price and availability, but only a Purchase Order or a Purchasing Card can officially obligate the University to paying the invoice.

Please also note that the UTD Purchasing Card should only be used for chartered transportation in the instances of team/group student travel, or on behalf of authorized guests of the University (e.g. contracting with Super Shuttle to pick up your guest lecturer from the airport and drive her to her hotel). Make sure you have documentation in the event of an audit. UTDBP3023: Travel and Risk Related Activities explains more about team/group student travel.

Contact: Gary Nelson
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 972-623-1100
Fax: 972-623-1109
Address: 2430 W. Main
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

Please use a PO to pay for bus service. 

LoneStar Coaches Rates
Vehicle TypeTotal Fare
UTD to Dallas Love Field16 milesBus, 40 passengers$407.50
Bus, 56 passengers$465.00
UTD to DFW Airport25 milesBus, 40 passengers$407.50
Bus, 56 passengers$465.00
UTD to Downtown Dallas19 milesBus, 40 passengers$407.50
Bus, 56 passengers$465.00
UTD to Downtown Arlington38 milesBus, 40 passengers$407.50
Bus, 56 passengers$465.00
UTD to Downtown Fort Worth48 milesBus, 40 passengers$407.50
Bus, 56 passengers$465.00

Contact: Wade Junco
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 214-351-6306
Address: 2008 Bedfor Rd. Ste 200
Bedford, TX 76021

Please use a PO to pay for bus service or a One Card or credit card for car service. 

Itemized Rate Information (does not apply to special rates listed below):

Aircar Rates
Rate Type Amount (Bus) Amount (Car)
Minimum Fare$767.50 (5 hrs)$109.80
Base Fare$625.00$90.00
Per MileN/AN/A
Per MinuteN/AN/A
Service Fee$132.00$19.00

Special Rates:

Aircar Special Rates
Vehicle TypeTotal Fare
UTD to Dallas Love Field16 milesBus$650.00
UTD to DFW Airport25 milesBus$650.00
UTD to Downtown Dallas19 milesBus$650.00
UTD to Downtown Arlington38 milesBus$650.00
UTD to Downtown Fort Worth48 milesBus$650.00

Contact: Bill Ballard
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 214-799-9055
Address: 13725 Omega Road
Farmers Branch, TX 75244

Please use a PO, One Card, or credit card for passenger van or car service. 

Itemized Rate Information (does not apply to special rates listed below):

Bubbl Rates
Rate Type Amount
Minimum Fare$17.00
Base FareN/A
Per MileN/A
Per Minute$1.33 (outside Bubbl Plano Service Area only)
Service FeeN/A

Special Rates:

Bubbl Special Rates
Vehicle TypeTotal Fare
UTD to Dallas Love Field16 milesPassenger Van$150.00
UTD to DFW Airport25 milesPassenger Van$150.00
UTD to Downtown Dallas19 milesPassenger Van$150.00
UTD to Downtown Arlington38 miles  
UTD to Downtown Fort Worth48 miles  

Purchasing has run a public bid based on the following definitions of Promotional Items. Please review the definitions and find the updated list and information below. Please direct any questions to [email protected]. Please select from the HUB vendors as your first choice where possible.

All Promotional Item Vendors must be Learfield licensed in order to provide trademarked items and items containing UT Dallas’s Logo. The list below are the only approved vendors.

Promotional items are products that are typically (but not exclusively) branded with a logo or slogan and distributed to promote brand, identity or event. Such items include branded clothing, giveaways and supplies for internal or external distribution that do not fall under contracts for uniforms or office supplies.

Promotional Items are not items such as personalized trophies and plaques, athletic uniforms and printed signage including banners, tradeshow displays and brochure materials. These are excluded from the Approved Vendor Internal Use requirement; however, these items may be ordered through Approved Vendors.

HUB Vendors – please choose first:

Big Star Branding
Contact: Rebeca Peterson
Email: [email protected]
Office: 210-590-2662 
Fax: 210-590-2663 
* UTD receives 15-25% discount

Daniel Group (The)
Contact: Lori Daniel
Email: [email protected]
Additional Discount Website:
Office: 972-571-4004
Fax: 972-530-4282
* UTD receives 10% discount

Impressions Marketing LLC dba Logotricity
Contact: Zoe Payne
Email: [email protected]
Campus website: 
Office: 972-424-5424
* UTD receives 5% discount on clearance/published items

Jan Hall Promotions
Contact: Janet Hall
Email: [email protected]
* UTD receives a 22% discount

Email: [email protected]
Office: 682-503-4484 

PD Promos
Contact: Phu Tran
Email: [email protected]
Office: 469-648-8041
* UTD receives 10-20% discount

PK Promotions dba Logotology
Contact: Monica Scott
Email: [email protected]
Office: 214-423-4000
Cell: 214-212-912-8628
* UTD receives 25% discount

PNAX Promotional Products
Contact: Steve Kirkpatrick
Email: [email protected]
Office: 903-602-6003

Proforma Promotions Remembered (Barbara Butler)
Contact: Barbara Butler
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 972-398-0066

Urban Circle (The)
Contact: J. Brown Henderson
Email: [email protected]
Office: 713-226-8720 

Non- Hub Vendors:

4 Imprint
Contact: John Lord
Email: [email protected]
Outlet store:
Office: 866-624-3694 
Fax: 920-236-7282 
* UTD receives 10% discount (non-royalty items – use Promo Code – UTD10)

American Solutions for Business
Contact: Justin Zavadil
Email: [email protected]
Office: 888-634-5575

Blue Ribbon Trophies/Awards (The Weyrens Group)
Contact: Bill Weyrens
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 972-964-2222

CC Creations
Contact: [email protected]
Office: 817-832-0990 
* UTD receives 15% discount

Contact: Jeffrey Jones
Email: [email protected]
Office: 330-319-7200 

Cornerstone Impressions
Contact: Hanna Smith
Email: [email protected]
Office: 817-568-8337

Contact: Cori Wetherald
Email: [email protected]
Office: 214-446-9286

Image Pro
Contact: Robert Stiffel
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 972-991-8647

Shamrock Companies (The)
Contact: Bob DeGarmo
Email: [email protected]
Office: 440-899-9510 

Several vendors are awarded pending Learfield License Approval and will be available
for promotional item sales once approved:

J Paul Company (The)
Scarborough Specialties

Purchasing products that are manufactured outside of the United States requires clearance by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency upon entry into the country. Information regarding customs requirements can be found at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website.

The University of Texas at Dallas retains the services of a U.S. customs broker to assist with purchases from foreign countries.

Products imported from foreign countries may be subject to a variety of fees, duties, or taxes. The department making the purchase is responsible for all additional charges associated with the purchase.

To avoid fines, penalties, and incorrectly paying duty fees, departments are strongly encouraged to work with our contracted Customs Broker below to schedule international shipment of import/export orders.

W R Zanes & Co of LA Inc
3340D Greens Rd, Suite 350
Houston, TX 77032
Attn: Claudia Cousins
Ph: 281-590-3505
Fax: 281-590-3838
[email protected]

Claudia Cousins
[email protected]
Operations Manager, Houston
3340D Greens Rd, Suite #350
Houston, TX 77032
T: 281-590-3505
F: 281-590-3838

To ensure the smoothest process possible for any Department Purchase Orders issued to Foreign Vendors, include the following as an External Note in eProcurement:

“When equipment is ready to ship, please contact our Import/Export Broker at PH-(281)590-3505, email [email protected] and [email protected].”


Departments should contact our customs broker before the shipment is made to determine what paperwork is required.
The following information must be provided to our customs broker on all shipments:

  • Complete name and address of person initiating shipment.
  • Department name and complete telephone number.
  • Origin and destination points of shipment.
  • Detailed description of shipment, its origin and in layman’s terms, what it is used for.

Exporting a shipment – There are many companies that can ship internationally (FedEx, UPS, DHL etc.), but our contracted customs brokers MUST be contacted when the export is valued at or above $2500. These requirements apply to items that are hand-carried as well as items that are exported via a freight carrier.

Regardless of what carrier is selected, or whether the items are shipped by freight carrier or hand-carried by UTD staff, the customs broker will minimally need the following information:

  • Description of the commodities
  • Name of the consignee and address including zip code
  • Method of shipment
  • Date available for pick-up
  • Desired arrival date
  • Number of pieces, dimensions of cartons, weights
  • Payment terms
  • Other special instructions

Contact the Office of Research Compliance to determine if export controls affect your Grant-funded product.

Our customs broker will charge for their services! In addition to their fees, there are additional pass-through fees and charges that will appear on your final invoice. These charges vary widely and departments should request a quote and ask what additional fees or charges might apply that are not on the quote.

Please be aware that expedited services not originally requested can be very expensive. If a blanket order is not in place, a purchase order should be issued for the services reflecting the customs broker’s quote. Note: When hand-carrying items valued at more than $2,500, you must contact our customs broker with the above information (commercial invoice is recommended) one day before leaving the country.

 When creating the foreign vendor order in eProcurement, make sure to include an external note asking the vendor to contact our customs broker! Contact the eProcurement Help Desk at x5235 if you need assistance with this.

Duty on scientific equipment is usually substantial. Departments should apply for duty-free entry well in advance of making the purchase. If duty must be paid, then departments can budget accordingly; before funds may be committed elsewhere. If the equipment arrives at Customs before duty-free entry has been approved, or if no Request for Duty-Free Entry was made prior to the purchase, the applicant can request a delay of liquidation (Customs classifies the equipment and assesses duty). A delay of liquidation is usually granted for up to 180 days, but may be extended.
Certain scientific equipment can be imported into the US duty-free if the following criteria are met:

  • The scientific instruments and apparatus must be used exclusively for educational purposes and scientific research.
  • The scientific instrument or apparatus, or its equivalent , is not manufactured in the United States
  • Some categories of scientific equipment can be imported duty free by educational institutions under certain conditions.
  • A Request for Duty Free Application should be completed and filed with the United States Customs before placing the order with the supplier. If Customs approves the duty-free purchase, the purchase order must be issued to the supplier within sixty days.

A Request for Duty Free Entry application may still be filed after the equipment has arrived on campus. Contact our customs broker for assistance.