The University of Texas at Dallas Chart of Accounts, FMS, The University of Texas at Dallas

Chart of Accounts

Chartfield Naming Standard Definitions

Updates include:

  • Cost Center categories
  • Short description table added for Fees
  • Additional Acronyms added
  • Additional Abbreviations added
  • Sponsor Abbreviations Table added
  • Short Descriptions added based on Fund code or Cost center description

Chart of Accounts Presentation

Chart of accounts consist of all chartfield values used to record accounting transactions (Cost Center, Fund,  Account, Function, Department, Program, Project and Activity).

Account Code Definitions

An account is a five digit code assigned to each accounting transaction in order to categorize activity for reporting purposes.

Function Code Definitions

Function codes are expense classifications established to report expenses in financial statements and to categorize expenses for calculating indirect cost reimbursement rates on sponsored projects for Indirect Cost Proposals.

Fund Group Definitions

The fund group identifies and categorizes the source of funding for a Cost Center.

Payroll Budgetary and Expense Accounts

A listing of all 5-digit payroll expense accounts and their associated 4-digit roll-up parent budgetary account.