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The Galerstein Gender Center provides a series of 1-hour educational and experiential opportunities to UTD students, staff, and faculty upon request. These workshops use an intersectional approach to educate and provide practical tools to foster allyship practices that promote equitable and affirming climates across overlapping identities and communities.

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Workshops include:

Feminism 101+

Patriarchy? Intersectionality? Internalized misogyny? Learn about the mission, goals, and history of feminism in this workshop, along with notable leaders in the movement, current trends, and how to best utilize feminism today.

LGBT+ 101+

In this workshop, we will provide a brief overview of all LGBT+ identities, carefully researched and closely analyzed from theoretical and practical perspectives for cultural sensitivity, common usage, and general appropriateness. This workshop is aimed to help participants understand the terminology, the coming out process, the challenges that LGBT+ people face, and an opportunity to gain more knowledge about the LGBT+ community.

Transgender 101+

In this workshop, we will talk about transgender identities, an umbrella term used by people of many different identities whose gender identity and/or expression is different from their sex assigned at birth. Participants will learn about the history and work of transgender advocates, and will build participants’ understanding of and practice strategies for interrupting transphobia and creating a welcoming environment. Our mission is to provide practical ways to help each participant make UT Dallas more transgender friendly.

Gender Box+

What do people typically think of when they imagine a man? What about a woman? Why? Engage with gender roles in a discussion-based activity about the impacts of the messages we receive about masculinity and femininity.


Ever stop and really listen to the music around you? Want an opportunity to hone your critical thinking skills? Read in-between the lines with us as we discuss and analyze lyrics with sexist and misogynistic concepts and imagery.

Like A Boss+

For those who have ever wondered what professionalism really is, where it comes from, or how you can maintain your authentic self while still looking sharp for the office. Explore common standards of attire and etiquette from a feminist lens.

Money Moves+
The gender pay gap hurts everyone! Learn more about income inequality, who it impacts, and what you can do about it.
Masculinity Explored+
Patriarchal standards do not only harm women. From destructive expectations to limited expression, examine the restraints that American culture often places on men and boys.
The Pregnant & Parenting Scholar+
Students who are pregnant and/or parenting face a unique set of challenges. Help support our student parents by learning more about the issues they face, resources you can refer them to, and accommodations that can be made.
Grounding Your Purpose+

What are your social identities and how do you navigate them? Engage in open discussion to empower yourself to act in socially effective and just ways, while advancing your purpose and leadership skills.

Intersectional LGBT++

There are so many layers to LGBT+ identities. This workshop will highlight how LGBT+ identities can interact with other social identities (such as race, socio-economic status, and ability status), and ways to connect people to resources and support surrounding all LGBT+ identities.

LGBT+ for Staff and Faculty+

Faculty and staff can be involved with the LGBT+ community in a variety of ways.  The Gender Center wants to provide resources for faculty and staff to better serve LGBT+ students in the following areas: advocacy, advising, consultations/referrals, mentorship, programming, and research.  This workshop aims to demonstrate inclusive practices to help make LGBT+ students feel included in your classroom or department.

LGBT+ Health+

Sexual orientation and gender identity can be confusing when you don’t fit into the heteronormative and cis-normative sex education you’re often taught in school. With all of the emphasis on heterosexual intercourse and virginity, sex education largely invalidates queer and non-binary youth.  This workshop will address how learning to become a healthier partner means learning to have healthy sexual relationships. To do this, sex education must encompass all sexualities without assuming gender.

LGBT+ 101 for Health Professionals+

In this workshop, health professionals at UTD will learn ways to provide affirming and inclusive health care for LGBT+ patients. This workshop will summarize important LGBT+ terminology, describe health disparities faced by LGBT+ people,  and explain the importance of effective communication to provide affirming care for LGBT+ patients.

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