Toshka Fly Through
Bands: 1-4-3
Taken: 1-28-00

This recent image of Egypt was obtained by the new MODIS instrument aboard NASAís TERRA satellite. The flythrough is of a seismically active area west of Lake Nasser. This is also the region where the New Saharan Lakes are forming and where Egyptís New Valley Project is underway. The box shows the location of the two Landsat TM scenes and USGS GTOPO30 DEM used by Allie Thurmond to generate the flythrough.

Two LANDSAT TM scenes cover the area of interest. Lake Nasser results from damming of the Nile by the Aswan High Dam. The Kalabsha embayment marks where an active fault, the Kalabsha Fault, intersects the lake. A magnitude 5.6 earthquake occurred on the Kalabsha Fault in 1981. The Kalabsha Fault extends west and marks the boundary between the Sinn El Kaddab Plateau (Eocene carbonates) to the north and the Toshka Depression (Cretaceous sandstones) to the south. The New Valley Project is being developed in the region between Wadi Toska and the Toshka depression, now the site of one of the New Saharan Lakes. Basement rocks of Neoproterozoic age lie to the east of the Nile.
The flythrough starts at Wadi Toshka and continues west before looping back over the Toshka Depression and continues to the east to follow the Kalabsha Fault to Lake Nasser, ending at the Aswan High Dam.
Flythrough of Toshka Region - 1.9 Mb