Links to Data Sets
EOS Data Gateway
The best place to search and order NASA data as it searches multiple databases at once. Enter as a guest if you do not have an account.
Search and order satellite images, aerial photographs, and cartographic maps from the USGS
EARTHSHOTS Satellite Images of Environmental Change including: LANDSAT TM Dallas TX, 1974 & 1989
International Space Station
Especially the component of Earth Science that will be done from the Space Station
Earth Observing System
Has mission profiles along with links to their data services
NASA Land Cover Land Use Program
View reports, results, and other documents from their study
Advanced Space Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER)
is an instrument onboard the Terra satellite, and the multispectral images can also be made into digital elevation models (DEMs)
Landsat 7 from USGS
Also see NASA's Landsat 7 information site
Canadian satellite main page
Geomorphology From Space
View the out of print publication by NASA
EarthRise is a graphical, easy, and fun to use front end to a large database of photos of the Earth from Space