People in Detail
Mohamed Abdelsalam is a research scientist in the Geosciences Department with interests in structural geology and geologic remote sensing.
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Bob Stern is Professor and Department Head of Geosciences at UTD. He is interested in how the continental crust forms and evolves, the Precambrian geology of NE Africa and Arabia and how this affects the Nile River, the evolution of island arcs in the Western Pacific (principally Marianas) and the geology of the DFW metroplex.
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Carlos Aiken is a Professor in the Geosciences Department at UTD. His interests include digital acquisition and analysis of geology and geophysics using Geographic Information System software (ARCVIEW and ARC/INFO), Global Positioning System (GPS), and reflectorless rangefinders. HIs activities in the CyberGeoscience Laboratory cooperate and coordinate with the Remote Sensing Lab.
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Allie Thurmond is a Master's student at UTD. Her research focuses on the Cataract Region of the Nile River in Sudan. She will be using SIR-C/X-SAR imagery as well as other remote sensing data in an attempt to understand the effect of bedrock structures on the course of the Nile in Nubia.
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Nahid Sultana
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