Current and Past Projects
Pleistocene Drainage Reorganization near Kom Ombo, Egypt
Structural Control of the Nile In Northern Sudan using Remote Sensing (Allie Kennedy Thurmond, M.Sc. Project)
Remote Sensing of Gossans in the Wadi Bidah Mining District, Southwestern Arabian Shield, Saudi Arabia (John Volesky, Ph.d Project)
Upper New Mexico & the Rio Grande Rift: A first look
Allaqi Suture, Egypt and additional figures
The New Saharan Lakes in New Valley Project, Egypt
Kalabsha Fault and Seismic Hazards to the Aswan High Dam, Egypt
Evolution of the Bir Umq-Nakasib Suture, Saudi Arabia (Trey Hargrove, Ph.d. Project)
Afar Rift, Ethiopia (Alebachew Mengesha, Ph.d. Project)