1st Global Symposium on Crisis & Emergency Management with two professors from Korea

CGG hosted the first Global Symposium on Crisis & Emergency Management on January 15-16 with the two well-renowned professors from South Korea: Prof. Jae Eun Lee and Prof. Jang Hee Lee at Chungbuk National University. This two-day symposium is co-hosted by the National Crisis and Emergency Management Research Institute at Chungbuk National University in Korea, the Korea Policy Forum, and Crisis and Emergency Management: Theory and Praxis. Prof. Jae Eun Lee gave a keynote speech titled “Crisisonomy & Disastronomy: Academic Development of Crisis and Emergency Management under the Concept of Comprehensive Security,” followed by the four presentations by Prof. Jang Hee Lee, Mr. Fabien Cottier, Ms. Hyong Ah Kim and Mr. Brett Cease. All participants in the roundtable discussion on January 16th discussed about the future directions of collaborative research on global crisis and emergency management.

Inaugural CGG Speaker Series with Dr. Joseph Oppong from UNT

As an inaugural event for CGG, the first CGG speak series was held at 11:30-12:30 on December 11th, 2015. Dr. Joseph Oppong, Professor of Geography and Associate Dean for Research at UNT, visited CGG with his research group members and presented his research projects with a title of "Disease, Vulnerability and GIS." After his presentation, his research group and all CGG members had a joint team meeting to exchange various ideas about potential research collaboration in the future.

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Mission and Vision

The Center for Geospatial Research in Global Health Policy (CGG) is a research, data support and training center committed to facilitate geospatial research activities supporting global health policy. Housed within the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences at the University of Texas at Dallas, CGG is involved in global health research and training projects emphasizing geospatial applications to global health concerns. CGG also maintains a web-based data archive containing comprehensive information on geospatial data sets covering major global health topics to support researchers and students.