Ning Wang
ROC 2.201H
Tel: 469-258-9490
Email:wang[email protected]                                                             LinkedIn

Ning has a diverse research interests, including Paleomagnetism, Earth Dynamics, and Geosciences Visualization. Currently he is doing research with Dr. Robert J. Stern about geological features animation and visualization. In the meantime he also engage in eExploring fast and high-resolution georeferenced 3D modeling with Dr. Carlos L. V. Aiken (Using Hyper-V RTK, Topcon IS, RIEGL VZ-400, 3DR Solo, MeshLab, Agisoft Photoscan Pro and ArcGIS) and try to use Geographic Information System to analyze and manage data collected by UAVs efficiently.  He is also a member of UTD Geo Club drone committee.


  • N. Wang, L. Xi-Hua, M. Chang-Sheng, Y. Lei, 2010. Ideal Anisotropic Seismic Wave Filed Analysis and Numerical Simulation in Three-Dimensional Orientation: Global Geology (China), V.29, P.130-138.

Conference Abstracts:

  • Ning Wang and Robert J Stern, 2017. Using videography, 3D photorealistic models and an inexpensive drone to help improve geoscience research and education. South-Central Section – 51st Annual Meeting 2017 Abstract #289483 (Accepted).
  • L. White, B. Aguilar, T. Savage, A. McKee, M. AlFarhan, N. Wang, C. Aiken, 2016. Drone Photogrammetry in Oklahoma. West Texas and Saudi Arabia and Comparisons of Results and Control Methods on Outcrops: AAPG Geosciences Technology Workshop ‘New Opportunities with Drones: New Needs’, FAA Rule Changes, New Technologies.
  • R. Griffin, N. Wang, B. Bowers, R. J. Stern, 2015. Explosive volcanism hazard of earth’s tall volcanoes for aviation: GSA North-Central 46th meeting (abstract).